Every Ending Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

As 2012 came to a close — everyone got a little pensive.  The new beginnings bring resolutions, and hopefully no regrets.  Since we survived the Mayan calendar catastrophe, there seems to be an infinite amount of time to accomplish the things in life that you set out to do.  Until the next natural disaster or health scare, we feel safe and young.  I’ve heard many folks over 50 use the phrase “youth is wasted on the young.”  My only resolution for 2013 is not let that apply to me and my life.

So for the new year, of course I have goals and aspirations.  I sat with my dad for breakfast one morning and went over all the countries we’ve been to and the next five that we want to visit.  In previous blog posts I’ve scaled out the details of some of my past trips, and in this one I shall reveal my next excursion: GREECE!

I’ll be taking two full weeks off from work in August and heading to the Greecian island of Evia with some of my best buds.  I am beyond excited to take this adventure and I’ll surely have lots of pictures to post when the trip is finished.

Total Unexpected Topic Change:

Being a bartender (on Sundays only) gives me a little flair at the end of a busy week.  Last night was no exception.  I met Jack.  Jack is an 85 year old man from Chester County who worked for the Campbell’s soup company for 50 years and has been retired as long as I’ve been alive.  The reason why this guy struck a cord with me is because he was the happiest dude ever.  Was he blind in one eye? Yes.  Did he have to get his friend Al to drive him to Carrabba’s because he’s blind in one eye? Yes.  Did it still make me feel good when he told me I was pretty, even though he’s blind in one eye?  Yes.

So Jack had some sound advice for me.  He told me that it was OK to not be married at age 28 because, and I quote, his “first wife turned out to be a total bitch.”  So he seems to think if I wait it out, I’ll skip that first horrible husband and end up all set.  He assured me, the second time he got it sooooo right.  He was bringing food  home to his wife who was not well.  He said the saddest part of her being sick was that she misses out on all of the small things, like getting take out on a Sunday, or going to the movies.  Brokenhearted yet?  Don’t be — Jack was stoked to be able to pick up some grub and head home to spend dinner with her.

He told me to slow down when I talk because, although most women talk too fast, he was having trouble deciding what kind of meal to order because he was lost.  He told me to stop rushing thru life, speak slowly, and only say nice things.

He also told me that I had a great personality and that if he came back to Carrabba’s it would be 80% because of me.  When I asked about the other 20%, he said because he thinks he’d like to try the rest of the entrees at some point, but he didn’t want to say 100% because he wouldn’t want me getting a huge ego.

Jack made me want to  pay more attention to the people I meet.  Some of them might just make your day.

Today’s music comes as a throwback:

Semisonic – Closing Time