What to Pack : FIREFLY FESTIVAL, Dover, DE

So in preparation for the upcoming Firefly Festival in Dover, DE from July 20-22nd, I figured I’d make a quasi informational blog to contain my excitement. Since we all know how much I am obsessed with planning and making lists, this will be great therapy.

After attending Bonnaroo in 2010, it became apparent that people are not mentally or physically prepared for such festivals.  You must come to terms with a few things:

  • You will be transformed into a dirty hippie for 3-4 days, if you aren’t already.
  • There will be strange people everywhere.  Babies pooping on the floor, experienced life hippies, rainbow umbrellas, overly friendly strangers, and parrots.
  • Water is your friend.
  • You will need to read this blog so you know what to pack.

There are a few things that saved our lives at this festival, and I figured I’d share, so you too can be less miserable in 97 degree heat with no air, power, or sleep.  Why do we do this to ourselves again?

  • Case of FROZEN bottled water.  You can use this as ice to cool the things in your coolers, and then take them into the festival with you as long as they are SEALED and then it will slowly melt so you can slowly stay hydrated and cool!
  • Empty water bottle – the venues will have free clean water inside, so bring your empty containers and fill up when you get in, stay hydrated!
  • Portable fans, maybe with a spray element, are fabulous.  But be careful not to catch your hair in them (Gillian…)
  • Bug Spray/Suntan Lotion/Hat – self explanatory
  • Pavilion tent and sleeping tent.  You will want a place to hang out during the day in between bands, so a Pavillion tent is a MUST.  Rain or shine — you’ll want a covered spot that isn’t your muggy tent.
  • Hammer.  We used a hammer about 5x more than expected.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Hose – a lot of the festivals have a barnish thing with sinks that have a grooves to hook up a hose.  This was the single best thing we brought.  It’s so hot, you will want to shower 3x a day, but the showers cost $5-$10 and are not all that clean/refreshing.  This way, you can stand there in your bathing suit and shower as many times as you want.
  • Towels.
  • Medicine – there is a medical tent, but bring whatever you need as there aren’t facilities to purchase medicine at the venue.
  • Plastic wear : plates, cups, paper towels, forks/spoons etc.
  • Mini Grill / burgers / hot dogs / buns etc — Food at these festivals can be really pricey!  Bring PB & J and a lot of foods that are non-perishable since you will run out of ice quickly.
  • If you’re a beer drinker — BRING PLENTY.  The venues usually sell ice and beer, but it’s like $80 a case.  So come prepared!  Firefly does have an air conditioned Brewery with moderately priced beer, and the vineyard.

Here are some pictures from the Firefly Instagram page to get you amped about the show!  Make sure you download the FireFly Music Festival App so you can create your own schedule, get a map to all the hot stages, restrooms, custom TOMS painting (ahhhhh).

Today’s music comes from one of the festival artists, Cold War Kids!

♫ Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids http://spoti.fi/IY52UY #Spotify





6 thoughts on “What to Pack : FIREFLY FESTIVAL, Dover, DE

    • You’re going to have so much fun! We’re going again this year as well!

      For food — we actually brought a portable
      Grill last year and got a pack of hot dogs and hamburgers but honestly you don’t need a ton because they have really great food vendors on the grounds. Definitely bring breakfast foods as the grounds don’t open until noon each day. Also bring bags of chips and stuff like that for after 9p. But lunches you’ll be all set.

      My other recommendation is to bring frozen water! It acts as a great ice pack for coolers because ice is a little hard to come by.

      Have fun and let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Oh also activities. We brought beer pong stands, cards and music / ihome. Batteries are your friend. The power stations are weak and the lines are long and our car died at bonnaroo from trying to juice our phones. Bring a portable charger like a halo — that’s a total must.

  1. Last year we purchased the front row camping and cooked out at our tent for every meal but 2.We took everything from hot dogs and precooked sausage to potatoes and eggs. Remember to bring foil and pam, they will both save you a ton of issues when grilling.

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