Post Color Run

A few weeks back, I posted about the upcoming Color Run.  Sunday July 8th, the race ran thru Philly with just under 23,000 people in participation, making it the third largest 5k in the entire United States!

Being that this was my first 5k, I didn’t really know what to expect.  Maybe it was being surrounded by friends and family, maybe it was anticipation of the next color zone, or maybe it was because it was 630am and I wasn’t fully awake yet, but this 3.1 miles FLEW by.  Below are a few pictures from the event.  If this race runs thru your city — make sure you sign up!  Below is just a small sampling from the event.  I stole some pictures from friends.  The event was basically one big photo opp.

To set this goal and accomplish it with the support of everyone was an amazing experience.  Can’t wait to keep going!

My next conquest?

The ZOMBIE RUN!!!!  October 27th, 15 of my closest friends and family will be helping me evade brain hungry zombies as we plow thru a 5k/obstacle course with hurdles, blood pools, mud, cargo nets, rivers and many possible other combinations of torture.  Benefits go to the American Red Cross.  The website is hilariously witty and I cannot WAIT to finish this race.

Today’s music comes from the Swedish House Mafia.  If you’re looking for a motivating running song — this is a great track!

♫ One (Your Name) [feat. Pharrell] [Radio Edit] – Swedish House Mafia, Pharrell #Spotify





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