Technology in 2012

Last week, my friends and I were chatting about technology and youth.  I never wanted to be the person that started a sentence with “when I was your age….,” but, well, I am.  It really is amazing the way things progress in a lifetime.  Age 17, I got my first credit card and my first cell phone.  Mainly because I was driving and my parents wanted me to have these things for emergencies.  How would they know I’d be eating a hoagie and crash into the bumper of a three-day-old car 4 feet from our house?  Because they are planners, and for that, I thank them.

I was at a family event a few months back, and my 11-year-old cousin pulls out her cell phone and starts text messaging her friends from school.  ELEVEN.  At that age, I was just worried about not poking someone’s eye out with a snap bracelet, or regretting the POG trade I just made with the kid in my homeroom.  Now, 5th graders are doing their homework on iPads, they are being taught not to text and drive, cyber bullying is an everyday term, and disc-mans are a thing of the past.  It really opens up a whole new world of problems for America’s youth.

I can even remember thinking my dad was pretty cool because we had a car/bag phone.  So when we saw accidents, we were cellularly obligated to pull over and call the police.  A phone, in a bag, in the car?!  Ironically enough, my father is still on the RAZR phone, so I guess his technological advances peaked in 95′. (Love ya dad!)

This got me to asking myself a lot of rhetorical questions.  How did parents keep track of their children without these marvelous devices?  You just assumed your kid was where they said they were.  And just WAITED to hear from them on a land line?!  Seems crazy.

Not to mention the apps.  How did people know how far they were running without the Nike + iPod app?  How do you pick a place to eat on the weekend without Urban Spoon?  How did people know when to use the bathroom during movies without RunPee?  I don’t have the answers, but I’m glad I have access to these glorious life assistants.

In the words of my grandmother “it was a different time.”  Life must seem like a foreign planet to her.  She is from the “we don’t lock our doors, let the kids walk to school alone, it was 30 cents to see a movie” era.  In a way, I’m jealous.  Now I have to be concerned about bath salt snorting crazies eating my face, people knocking my iPhone out of my hand at the train station (Leah) and having to live with NOT drinking and taking naps at work (Mad Men).

Can I say I miss the days of AOL?  The sweet sound of the dial up as it connected and you prayed for e-mail?  The ability to tape music right off the radio and make mix tapes for your friends?  Having to watch TV live when it airs because TiVO/DVR didn’t exist yet?  Maybe a little, but then I turn my house lights off thru my iPhone, and I’m over it.

I came across this image and it made me laugh, so I’m sharing because it’s SO TRUE!

Today’s music comes from LP — the song is Into The Wild.  There is whistling — that’s a thing now, yes?  Listen now, you’ll see it in a commercial shortly, of this, I am sure.

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The Color Run is Coming!

I think it’s easiest to get healthy in the summer.  It’s usually fairly gorgeous out (unless you live here in PA where the humidity rises to hair frizzing levels in July) and it’s light outside until 9 p.m.  I remember summers of staying out in the cul-de-sac until 9 p.m. playing spud with my neighbors, why should my twenties be any different?  So as of late, I decided to break out my running shoes, my old bike and my tennis racket to get some much needed vitamin D.

I got inspired this year by some of my friends and my sister and decided to sign up for my very first 5k!  Starting light, I went with The Color Run.  This run benefits the Back on my Feet organization.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I love myself some good philanthropy. Upon doing further research, I think this one bad ass charity!  The organization focuses on helping the homeless as well as other under served populations.  The idea being that introducing fitness into their lives will build confidence and self-sufficiency and in turn, allow them to become more independent.  Check out the website below for more info about getting involved or donating!

But back to The Color Run.  Basically, you run, walk, jog or yog in a white T and every 1k they splash you in the face/shirt/fanny pack with a different color.  1k is yellow, 2k is green, 3k is blue, 4k is purple, and 5k is pink.

By the end, we will look like this girl below.  Only sweatier, more out of breath and less happy I would assume.

Unfortunately Philly is sold out, so if you haven’t already gotten your runner’s pass, here are some of your options:
–  Head to Kansas City, Missouri and be confused as to why Kansas City is not located in Kansas.

– Head to Omaha, Nebraska, the state that invented the 911 emergency phone system.

– Run over to San Francisco, California, the state with more raised turkeys than any other U.S. state.

– Jog your way to Twin Cities, Minnesota the home of the Tonka Truck manufacturers.

– If you hate tea too, make your way to Boston, Massachusetts home to the country’s first public school.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 2013 for this cool experience!

Today’s music comes from Chris Breezy Brown to get you pumped!

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