I was thinking today about how much I would hate to work for a credit card company.  People call to complain, to tell you they’ve lost their card, or to complain.  I have had a series of jobs and they were all so great for various reasons.

My first job was at TCBY when I was 15.  Earning a sweet 5.25 an hour, I handed out assorted frozen treats for the community.  My boss was a total donkey.  I had Orioles tickets (yes.  Orioles.  Which seemed extremely important to me at the time) and he wouldn’t let me off from work.  He said, “If you’re going to do this to me, then I’m going to have to let you go, I’m just too short staffed.”  Oh, I see.  You’re too much of a donkey to hire enough staff to run your ice cream parlour, so I, the poor little 15 year old gal should suffer?  Needless to say, I didn’t get to go to that game, and as soon as I turnd 16, I quit.  He went out of business shortly after and the building has since been turned into 4 chinese restaurants, a greek place, and now I don’t know.

My next job was at Issac’s.  It was a cute little deli in Frazer that sold sandwiches named after birds.  The management was mega creepy and felon-infested.  Somewhere down the line, friends came in to visit.  I may or may not have offered them a free Fudgy Wudgy.  And Carol, came all the way down from the trailer park, to put me in my place.  I was terminated at the end of my shift.  All the fuss over a delicious $4 fudge indulgence.  This remains the one and only job that I have ever been “terminated” from.  I’m pretty sure I still have my pink termination slip.  I also received an oversized card from my friends that said “You know what’s worse than getting fired?” (open card)  “Getting your best friend fired, sorry!”  I still have that card too.  What ever happened to Carol, you say?  Turns out Carol was stealing money from the restaurant.  She got canned and the place went out of business shortly after.  Seeing a trend?

Next, I headed over to Anthony’s.  A sweet Ma and Pa Italian restaurant in Malvern.  When I say a Ma and Pa, I really mean there were grandmothers rolling meatballs in the basement.  The food was phenom.  My parents still order pizza from there most Friday nights.  Here, I fell in love.  I think I was about 17 at the time and there was a boy named Jason who was like well into his 20’s — maybe 24.  Which at the time seemed mega old and now seems like the glory days.  I followed this boy around like a lost puppy dog with hopes that the fact that he could drive, drink beer and get a real job would go unnoticed.  At the end of my time at Anthony’s, Jason moved off to California and I never saw him again. HEARTBREAK HOTEL!  I don’t even know his last name, but Jason/tall boy/wears glasses/I think I saw you at the YMCA last year — CALL ME!

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

After that I had a few brief stints with a small CD shoppe and a catering company.  All in all, I just really think that everyone should spend a year of their life in the restaurant business.  If you haven’t had the opportunity — I just wanted to share some learnings with you:

  • Don’t think that we don’t recognize YOU as the 12% tipper and give you service accordingly.
  • Don’t walk in and say “are you still serving” at 9:58p.  We post the hours on the door for your convenience.
  • Don’t eat your entire dinner, but tell me it was too salty.  Because I’m going to ask you why you ate it and failed to mention until now.
  • Don’t ever act like you know the menu better than I do by saying things like “you guys used to have this.”  I work here, you just come here too often.
  • Don’t get sassy with me.  I won’t be any more efficient with your condescending suggestions or snotty tude.

Hope these tips help!

If it wasn’t for the need to make money, what job would you choose?

Me? Professional blogger, concert reviewer, and doggie daycare specialist.

Don’t forget to keep up with my FlickR as I photograph a year!  Honestly, this forces me to do something interesting everyday and really pay attention to my surroundings to ensure I get a good shot every time!

Today’s music comes from Edward Sharpe (who will be in PHILLY May 11th)

#NowPlaying Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home on #Spotify





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