2012 projections

I really feel a lot of pressure to make this year a great one, mainly because it’s our last on earth.  Right?  Isn’t that what people are saying?  Some sort of life altering change is going to occur because our planet is over populated, we are running out of natural resources, and there are far too many stupid people on Earth.

Don’t get me wrong, 2011 was one of my best years.  I adopted a puppy dawg, got a promotion, had an amazing summer full of live music, friends and cold beers!  But people say age 27 is a pinnacle year.  You start to find your way in your career, start to settle down and figure out exactly who you are.

I’ve always said happiness is having something to look forward to, and I’m definitely in for a happy year.  Now that I have my 2012 desk calendar fully marked and ready to go, I can share my future endeavors with you all. 

February – Dia Frampton at the Note (from THE VOICE, Blake’s lil protegé), visiting Colleen, Jenni and Matt in DC to eat jumbo pizza slices on the everlasting escalator’s in the metro, Allison Wenger’s birthday, and the last three-day weekend until summer.

March – St. Patrick’s Day! Green beer, irish potatoes and drunk firefighters.  Also Shannon Colley’s bridal shower!

April – Traveling to Paris and Dublin for 10 days with two of my best friends!!!! AH even writing it I’m freaking out with excitement.

May – A fun filled month for sure.  Shannon’s bachelorette party in AC is over CINCO DE MAYO followed my Channon Lucas’s bdizzle at the end of the month, a bar crawl, and … oh yea …. THE FIRST BEACH WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER!

June – Kicking off the month with Shannon’s wedding in CT followed by a “mico” wedding the very next Saturday!

July – 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays and since graduation, I’ve been splitting my time between our beach house and Rhode Island.  I’ve taken a few years hiatus from RI/Chris/Courtney, but now that they have Lenny, I think I’ll resume the tradition.  HA, but really it’s like a wonderland of summer fun.  I’m gunna let Bentley run in the lake and he’ll be “ruined for the rest of the day.”  I will have to save some time for the beach because my mom and g-mom have the same birthday, and it also falls in this gloriously humid month.

August – Always a solid month since it’s my BIRTHDAY!  I may be a planner, but this is where my planning stops.  I think I have some time to figure it out 😉

Now that I’ve outlined my social calendar, mainly for me so I have it writing, I can focus on other things.

Today’s music comes from … the 90’s.  During my ride to Hershey PA this weekend, we revisited some great tunes that got me all nostalgic

Listening to Stay by Lisa Loeb #nowplaying #tunesday http://tinysong.com/of3y

Listening to Father of Mine by Everclear #nowplaying #tunesday http://tinysong.com/HECh

Listening to Torn by Natalie Imbruglia #nowplaying #tunesday http://tinysong.com/TToo

Don’t forget to keep up with my Flickr page as I photograph the year.





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