TOMs shoes

Shoes have never really been a big thing for me.  I’m not the girl who spends $400 on discounted Louie Vuitton heels.  Or the girl that wears heels at all.  I choose to spend my money on concerts, vacations, concerts, dinners out with friends, and concerts.  So spending $50 on a pair of flat canvas shoes seems excessive to those unfamiliar with this company.

I love TOMS shoes.  It’s a one for one, for-profit shoe company that produces fashion forward shoes for the US, while supplying necessary footwear for kids all over the world.  For every shoe you buy, a child in need will receive a pair.  This genius business model has developed a product that people want, and are in turn, funding Blake’s movement.  The elimination of fundraising allows the company to focus on it’s main goal, which is generating enough income to support the staff, who then supports the philanthropic movement of the business.

The feeling I got when I received my first pair of TOMS shoes was unlike any other pair of shoes I’ve purchased in the past.  In a way, it’s a selfish purchase.  I get a pair of shoes that I love to wear, and I’ve provided a pair of shoes to someone who has maybe never owned a pair in their lifetime.  It baffles me that some people are missing something as simple as a shoe.  Whenever I’m feeling particularly dramatic about my issues with money, or the grumpy cashier at the CVS giving me ‘tude, or the pizza shoppe messing up my order, I try to remember that these problems are so trivial in comparison to the issues that others around the world are facing.

The feel of the shoe is organic and earthy.  I am up to four pairs now.  Army green, red, tweed with yellow soles and grey with white stripes.  I’ve included pictures below for your reference.

The reason I’m writing this blog is to make sure you’re aware of the company, but to also promote Blake’s book.

His inspiring tales of entrepreneurship and philanthropic endeavors leave you wanting to be a better person.  I’m sure we all imagine ways we can help, and maybe we even donate our time or extra cash here and there.  But to build something out of nothing in 9 months time is unheard of and truly inspirational.

Follow his lead and start something worth doing.  I’ve included the link below to the AMAZON page for purchasing.  50% of the profits from the book will be going towards the Start Something That Matters fund.  Blake will be sponsoring start up projects geared towards making a difference.  I cannot type enough pleasantries about this book or this guy.  We should all be so gracious to put our brain’s toward helping others in a true definition of success.

You can follow his blog:


Today’s music comes from my new fav band Fitz and the Tantrums:

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