Life on Other Planets

A co-worker passed along this article the other day, and it really got me thinking.
 The possibility of moving to another planet, once we’ve utilized all the resources on Earth, is BLOWING MY MIND.  Imagine if Kepler 22-B wasn’t 600 light years away.  Imagine they do a lottery and choose a million people to go populate another planet.  What would you be able to bring?  Would it be like Lost with “others” already living on the planet?  What if we get sucked into a black hole on the way there? Would Bentley be able to come?  To start fresh in a place with no electricity, no animals, no cars, no roads, no maps, no fruit snacks, no homes, no trees, and no stores.  As exciting as this all seems, it would take decades to get the planet up to speed with what we’re working with here on Earth.  I’ve seen the construction workers on 202.  There are ten of them that have been watching ONE guy do work for the past year and a half. 
Ever since we learned about the solar system in 5th grade, it really makes your world so small….and confusing.  To think that each little thing about the way the Earth functions is dependent on everything else functioning the way it should.  Did I just become an astronaut?  But in all seriousness, I think I’ll just ride it out here on Earth.  Kepler 22-b sounds great and all, but this isnt 1492, and I’m not Christopher Columbus.
With the holiday’s approaching, I did a little reading in my FAVE magazine — FOOD.
The Christmas issue is my absolute favorite, so I wanted to share some great websites that have cute, unique and fun gifts!  Get serious — you only have 12 days left, so you better finish up!
Happy Shopping Everyone!
Today’s music comes from Bon Iver — because you peeps need to relax while you’re reading.  Sometimes it’s nice not to know the words to the music so you don’t get distracted singing and dancing at your desk (guilty).
#NowPlaying Bon Iver – Skinny Love on @Spotify
#NowPlaying Bon Iver – Holocene on @Spotify

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