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So I realize I’ve taken a two month hiatus from blogging, and I blame it all on Bentley.  He is my 5 month old mutt.  He was rescued from the All 4 Paws Rescue in Chester Springs.  We don’t know much about his mix or where he came from, but I do know he is a handful.  In reality, how can you be mad at this face:

I’ve read every blog post, every training website, a few magazines, talked to trainers, and this dog defies all general rules of thumb.  I know he isn’t stupid because within a week, we had him sitting, staying, laying down and giving high fives.  But getting him to stop biting, chewing lamp cords, unplugging computers, stepping on our faces, keeping him off the coffee table, stopping him from attacking our feet as we walk, and getting him to heel have been a never-ending nightmare.

One thing I have noticed about owning a dog is that EVERYONE has an opinion.  The vets, the dog trainers, random strangers in the neighborhood.  Everyone thinks they know the right food to feed the dog, the right way to train them, the right leash to have.  And they all think it’d be best to express their opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve reached out to several friends, neighbors and trainers to gather info and make decisions for my puppy.  But people seem to be very persistent with their choices and push it in your face as the “only option.” 

I started to think how weird it would be if this was common practice for children.  You go out to the grocery store and random strangers are putting Gerber baby food in your cart and nodding their head.  Or people give you the third degree when you pick out a push latch for your leash.

People also say “having a dog is like having a kid.” But, um, the last time there was a child in my house, they didn’t bite me.  And I didn’t lock it in a crate while I went to the grocery store.  So no, it’s really not like having a child.

But let’s get serious — I just did this blog so I could show a bunch of cute pictures of my dog — so here they are. BOOM.

That’s all!

Today’s music comes from the late and great Amy Winehouse.  Her CD Lioness: Hidden Treasures was released today with all her unreleased recordings.  Gotta love her.

For Spotify users:

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xoxo shu


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