Russian Phone Cases, ShockTOBER

Well life has been moving a mile a minute and I haven’t had a chance to blog about any of it.  We are in the midst of my most favorite month.  OCTOBER!  It brings pumpkin beers, apple pies, ginger snaps, bonfires, haunted houses, Uggs, cool nights, and the pre-holiday shopping sprees.  It is also the only month our Peco bill is affordable.  No heat, no air conditioning, holla.

I just picked up a case of Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat beer before it goes away in stores.  If you have not tried, I highly suggest:

I got my new iPhone this past Friday, and to say it was a process would be an understatement.  I was going to go into detail about how AT&T wouldn’t let me ship anywhere but to my house so that I was destined to miss the delivery.  Or how during the activation of my new phone, there was a computer glitch that eliminated my ability to send or receive texts.  Or how I cried a little when I got disconnected after waiting on the phone or 30 minutes.  But, I won’t.

But I do however, want to get this documented in case anything happens to me:

I got in a fight with the Russian mob.  A few days before my iPhone arrived, I was at the King of Prussia mall.  I decided to treat myself to a case for my phone, something I usually don’t do.  Cases are bulky and ugly and the phone all by itself is so pretty.  After browsing in the Apple store (overwhelming) we wandered outside to the “i accessories” booth.  We purchased “Otter Box” cases for our phones and left.  I put “Otter Box” in parenthesis because it was a total fake.  They took a crappy dollar store inside and put the otter box logo on the outside hard shell.  At first I didn’t care, but then I noticed white circles forming in all of my pictures.  Despite Gillian’s interpretation (that they were ghosts) I realized it was the case that was causing a block by the flash and ruining my precious moments frozen in time.

Naturally, I went back to the kiosk the next week to get my money back.  This Russian slob started speaking his foreign tongue at me saying “blah blah …you got got girl.”  They wouldn’t give me money back.  After a solid fifteen minute argument – I started shooing away other customers.  I saved a nice dad and his teenage daughter from being fooled.  I directed some thirty-something dude into the Apple store, where legit cases are sold by people who have showered this week.  I made this dandruff having fool call his “boss” and demand my money back.  After this, he said he’s be back in five minutes and came back with a soda and a soft pretzel.  It took all my social awareness not to flip the cart.  I sat in a chair by some plants fully expecting to be sniped by a spy on the second level and tried to Google the Better Business Bureau.

In conclusion, throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the KOP mall got me no where.  I exchanged the crappy case for an equally crappy one and as I was leaving, told him I would tell everyone I knew to never shop here and that I hated this case and him.  I would post a picture of the case, but I haven’t been able to get it off since Tuesday.  I still feel oddly satisfied by the whole situation, even though the outcome wasn’t what I wanted.  I do wish my friends were there to witness it, like the time I freaked out on the Subway sandwich maker for putting shredded cheddar instead of pepperjack cheese on my sub.

So if I suddenly disappear, it was the Russians.  Call the embassy.

Today’s music comes from Grace Potter and James Morrison!

Both have 2011 albums out and are fabulous.  I’m mad at myself for waiting so long to hop on the Grace Potter train, and mad at James Morrison for never touring in the US.


#NowPlaying Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Things I Never Needed on @Spotify

#NowPlaying James Morrison – Up on @Spotify





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