Philly Film and Music Festival

Gillian found a volunteer opportunity for the Philly Film and Music festival this past weekend.  We figured meeting some cool people and listening to live music for free was a solid idea.

Friday night we went to World Cafe Live and covered the Hezekiah Jones, Sharon Van Etten, and Marissa Nadler show.  If you’ve never been in the downstairs portion of World Cafe for a show, you MUST get there eventually.  THIS IS NOT A REQUEST (beauty and the beast reference, if that went over your head, you’re obviously not a girl born circa 84′). It is one of my all time favorite venues.  Upstairs on the mezz, there are couches, soft lit tables and good beer on tap.  What more could you want from a music venue?!  These people might as well be playing in your basement.  I mean, if your basement is totally sweet.  And yes, I plan on building a music venue in my multi-million dollar house post lottery.  Here are some pictures from the event:

This is a shot of some of the wall painted murals outside of the studio downstairs.

Quick collage of some art/Hezekiah Jones.  I picked up their Vinyl album — great live band.

And here are some pictures from Day 2 — Girard Fest – between 2nd and Front.


Some of the street vendors

The cutest bulldog ever




Find Vienna and their headless, legless, armless, sort of unnecessary mannequin.

Akua Naru and the Dig Flo Band — Nice group of Germans

The Violet Tone

Saturday morning we woke up super early and walked around the corner to the Whole Foods for some breakfast.  One of the perks of being in a city, is there are lots of fun things to walk to and lots of hilarious bums to run away from.  Although, I would not consider myself a city girl by any stretch.  I love my car and want to drive it without fear of taxi crashes, parking tickets, and pedestrian casualties.  Philly has a great swagger though.  From random art, good sports venues and live music, to perfect sunsets over the skyline, it’s a nice place to have close by.  Right around the corner from where we stayed was a little place called the Magic Garden.  Here is the website in case you think I was hallucinating from lack of sleep and dehydration. (very possible)

Basically this project takes old recycled bottles, mirrors, tiles, bike wheels, glass, stone, mixed with other donated art and supplies all thrown together to create a truly unique and interesting gallery space.  Isaiah Zagar, the creator, turned the project into a non-profit organization that preserves his art and educates the public about mosaic and folk art. Check out some of the pictures I took, I really dig this space:

That is certainly something you will not find in the burbies.  Mainly because everyone is too rich to bother recycling.  Love those little finds.

Today’s music comes from none other than the Philly Film and Music Festival musicians!

listening to You Say Love by ZELAZOWA on

listening to Cupcakes for the Army by Hezekiah Jones on

listening to Under an Old Umbrella by Marissa Nadler on

listening to One Day by Sharon Van Etten on

listening to Here We Are by Cheers Elephant on

listening to Find Yourself by Find Vienna on





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