Birthdays, Summers End

So last month, I turned 27.  This is really the first time that I’ve felt…oldish.  I know all the 27 and a half + readers will scoul and think “that’s young.”  I’m not saying I’m going to check myself into a nursing home next month when my lease is up, I’m just saying, time is passing faster than anticipated/appreciated.

When you’re a kid, you think by 27 you will be in a certain place in your life.  You may have thought you’d have kids, be married, own a house.  Well none of things pertain to me, but I can honestly say my 26th year has been one of my favorites.

This year we decided to grab a whole bunch of good friends and head to the Phillies game on Sunday August 28th.  I was looking forward to merging work friends, high school friends, new friends and college friends.  We gathered a group of 20+ and I was PUMPED. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene had other plans.  The game was moved to Saturday in anticipation of the high winds and turrentual downpour.  I maybe cried a little, but it worked out.

Rollin’ with half a crew (but still a very good one) we decided to tough it out and head down to the Park to tailgate anyway.  Armed with ponchos and Bud Light Lime, we stood in the POURING rain, had some beers, and played some gangsta rap.

But we made the best of it!  Quick shot of a few girls during downpour.

This guy was very inivative.  I appreciated him:

All in all we made the best of it and had a great half day.  In fact, this summer was one of the best yet.  I’ve always said that being happy means always having something to look forward to.  And I can honestly say, I enjoyed every minute of this summer and am continuing to enjoy the fall as it creeps in with cool nights.  Throughout the hazy summer, I collected a plethora of video snippits and put them all together.  Check it out.  Password is ashley1211

So obviously anyone that knows me knows that I have an obsession with social networking sites.  I recently stumbled upon Pinterest.  See what I did there?  Stumble Upon and Pinterest in the same sentence.  If you are not involved, ladies, get serious.  Gentlemen, I don’t think this would appeal to you.  Mama’s Daddy’s, Gangsta’s, Pimp’s?  Mannie Fresh will tell YOU what to do.  Any DIY, style watcher, party planner, bored gal will totally dig this site.  I urge to you to check it out.

Today’s music comes from Panic at the Disco — an old favorite of mine.  I saw them perform at Festival Pier a few summers ago on the 4th of July.  It was amazing.  Fireworks and the whole bit.





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