Hiatus, Camera+, Skylar

The blogging hiatus is over.  I realized in my busy weeks, that I missed the written therapy.

It has surely been a crazy summer thus far.  We are that moment in every summer where really fun things have passed, but we still have many things to look forward to before Christmas.  How awful is Feb-April.  It’s cold, it’s not Christmas, and let’s be serious, who waits all year for Valentines day, St. Patty’s day and Easter.  It’s such a lack luster portion of the calendar year.

So far I’ve…….

Sat by the bay!

Threw a surprise party for my mama!

Drank wine with friends!

Went into a hurricane simulator…

Saw friends get married!

Saw the Ferris Wheel!

Took this cool picture of Leah:


I am in loveeee with my new camera app.  I say “new” because, it’s new to me.  My friend Jillian got me hooked, it makes the coolest pictures look cooler.  Below are some before and after examples:

Below is my dad.  He’s already the coolest man in America, but this year he decided to learn to play the guitar.  This shot is from the shore house this past 4th of July.  He’s learning how to play Beatles songs and the Zombie’s “She’s Not There” per my request. So cool!

This shot is from the Fall of 09′

We went to Linvilla Orchards to get pumpkins.  One of which, literally sat in the trunk of my car until Christmas.  It was unusually hot for an October Saturday.

This picture I just took this past weekend at the Swain compound.  We were laying by the pool and I looked up and the sky was a perfect blue with a really old tree blocking the sun.  It was a cool picture to begin with, but after the effects were added, it’s really awesome.

The app is just called Camera+  and it’s about 1.99 I think.  Totally worth it. 

So according to Ad Week, Zumba classes are on the outs, but I just tried my first one at the YMCA, and I’m obsessed.  It’s a 50 minute class that goes by so fast, like nap time.  Our teacher Sol was a spunky latina with some fierce dance moves.  Obviously I’m almost as good as her.  The class was so diverse.  There were old men, fat people, skinny people, bad dancers, and good dancers (me).  They blast dance music like that Jai Ho song from Slumdog Millionaire and you basically flail around like an idiot for 50 minutes.  If you are worried about looking silly, don’t worry.  You will.  But you are so concentrated on your own moves, that you don’t even really have time to mock those around you.

After Zumba class, I heard called 18 and Skylar Grey and called Wired 96.5.  After a few rings, I won passes to see Skylar Grey in studio 96!!! It was a pretty cool experience.  Skylar’s real name is Holly Brook Hafermann and she described her childhood as such:  “Middle school was tough, because when all the girls started sprouting boobs and butts, they wanted to go paint their nails, and I wanted to walk thru the woods and hunt mushrooms.”  She is also a self-described “emo” with an eclectic fashion sense.  She is beautiful and her voice is AMAZING.  I can see why so many artists have been wanting to collaborate with her and why she is now a Grammy-nominated performer.  We sat in the studio while she performed a mash up of all her collaborative songs:  I love the way you lie (Rihanna and Eminem)  I’m coming home (Diddy) and I need a doctor (Dre and Eminem).

There is a pic of her and I  — but it’s not posted yet so this will do for now:

They also premiered her new single – Invisable.

So Today’s Music comes from HER!

listening to Invisible by Skylar Grey on @Grooveshark: http://tinysong.com/HIYH  #nowplaying

listening to I’m Coming Home by Skylar Grey on @Grooveshark: http://tinysong.com/GtYU  #nowplaying


xoxo shu


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