Etsy Obsessions

So I’ve been on the biggest kick of my life.  The site is comparable to an eBay of artistic proportions.  I just can’t get enough.

I picked up these two vintage prints for my Dad as part of his Father’s day present.  They took old vintage dictionary pages and printed a bike and a motorcycle overtop of the words.
I went to Michael’s and bought a black matte with a thin black frame. It was hard to find an 8.5 x 12.5 frame without going the uber expensive custom route, so they will look something like the picture below.  I just really love them.  So unique.  Check it out:

And from the last blog, you know I’m obsessed with the feather hair extentions.  Well these came in the mail today too!  They turned out to be just as beautiful as I had hoped!!  I assumed it would be a gamble because all feather’s are different and the dyes etc could have varied, but this was pretty spot on.

I watched youtube videos in an attempt to figure this out on my own.  Most videos feature this hook tool, but my kit came with something a little different.  At first, I emailed Laura to be all like “what the hey,” but she told me she likes these tools better.  I played around with it, and it was fairly simply to figure out.  It’s a piece of bent wire that basically loops your hair to attach the bead, and then pliers to clamp the bead once you find a place in your hair that you like (which took a few tries).

Special thanks to Jillian and her sweet photog skills for taking and editing the pictures for me on her new iPhone!  She may not be able to text without typos, but she can take one heck of a picture, ha!

They say these last anywhere from 1-6 months depending on the quality of the feather and the care provided.  I can tell these feathers are of a higher quality than most you will find on the internet.  If I decide I really like them (which I do), I might buy in bulk to cut back on the costs overall.

Today’s music comes from a band called The Weepies.  Name of the song is World Spins Madly On.  It’s the kind of song that appears in movies.

“World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies ( #pandora





One thought on “Etsy Obsessions

  1. LOVE IT! Looks super duper hot and good color choice with your dark Snow White mane. Also, nice glossy hair. All in all? — a good post.

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