Feathered Hair, Brother Support, and Chubby Balboa’s

I read a lot of magazines and admire all these fashion trends with nail polish colors and accessories.  I started panicking a little yesterday thinking to myself “Ashley, you are 26 years old.  At what point do you have to chop off all of your hair and start preparing for menopause?”  But alas, I impulsively bought these from Laura Price on Etsy.  They are feather hair extensions.  Before you throw up in your mouth — just look at the pictures of Laura wearing them.  The pack only comes with 6 feathers and they are very thin and subtle.   A lot of websites offer highlighted feathers meant to look like…well, highlights.  Strawberry blonde, black feathers for blondes and so on.  But obviously, I’m going bold or going home with turquoise.  These feather’s can stay in hair while being washed, curled etc etc!

Look, you can even put them on dogs HAHA!

She is a trained hair stylist, but is currently working in the fashion industry.  If you are interested in purchasing from her, check out her Etsy site.  I just love her personal style and her DIY youtube videos to help teach you how to apply the feathers!  This will be a fun summer thing for me.  I’m sure my co-workers will take me so seriously with teal feathers in my hair.  You can call me a dork, but I’m pretty stoked about it!


Now, it’s time for my second RUN ON RESTAURANT REVIEW!  This week’s restaurant: Chubby Balboa’s on route 1.

So Tory and I went to Chubby Balboa’s last night, which is a bar and grille with an E which just means its fancy, huh, and they have all you can eat crab legs on Monday nights on the patio or inside for that matter, but the inside kind of smells like crab legs if I’m being honest, but really what else can you really think to do on a Monday, over eat? sure!  and I just added punctuation to this ramble, which sorta defeats my agenda of making this just one big run on sentence, but anyway, it was glorious and I will go back for sure at some point when I’m hungry, if that ever happens again.


Here is a little plug for my brother.  He is doing a ride called the California Coast Classic this September.  Our Dad is participating in this ride as well, and all the proceeds go towards Arthritis research and awareness.  I know what people think about Arthritis.  They see the Bayer Aspirin commercials on TV and think, oh, I just pop two orange pills and I can pick up my grandkids and swing them around.  Well, in a more realistic portrayal of the disease, my Grandmother suffered from spinal stenosis, which left her wheel chair bound and unable to participate in the arts and crafts she so loved doing in her later years.  The disease even affects children!  If my brother does not raise the $3,000 minimum donation, he cannot ride.  He is still in need of around $1,600. This is something he’s been training for, and his way of supporting my Dad and helping to preserve the memory of our Grandmother.  So if you have $5 to spare, please put it towards a great cause!  I’ve included the link to donate below.  I’ve also included the link to the ride’s page in case you are interested in the upcoming race!



Today’s music comes from a band called Forest Sun.  Their song is No Regrets.  Pandora suggested this song for me from my “Ray LaMontagne” radio.  It’s got a folk/country twang to it, in a singer/songwriter type of way.  I love it.

“No Regrets” by Forest Sun (http://bit.ly/jMgUbu)





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