Bank Tubes and Detags

HAPPY SUMMER!  With the passing of Memorial Day weekend, it is official in my eyes.  Pools are open, weather is spicy, bees are stingin’, toes are painted, margheritas are blended, Country music suddenly seems appropriate, and the livin’ is easy.

I was wondering about these banking….tubes.  You always think, ok there is a vacuum or something and it sucks the tube up the pipe and then it lands in the bank tellers area ready to be filled with lollipops and cashed checks?  But then I really looked at it today, and the pipe doesn’t go up, it goes down.  So how does the vacuum take it down, underground, and then back up to the window.  It blew my mind a little.

 I looked them up to see if I could understand this process.  Turns out that tubey things cost like $50 bucks a pop!  And come in all of the colors of the rainbow.  Now that my research is complete, this item has been added to the list of necessities for my future million dollar mansion for paper transport amongst my employees.

To think, when the world ends next December, we are going to invent these things all over again. 

I was thinking about Facebook today.  I was thinking about how it has really become a part of my every day life since my sophomore year of college, when it was first introduced.  Started out a small stupid website, and now with smart phones and all these gadgets around, it is very easily accessible on a daily basis.  The picture feature of FB is relatively new in comparison to the site itself, and it has created a whole new world of social problems.

I know the names of the kids of people I went to high school with and haven’t seen in five years.  I know that so and so went down the beach with herrrrr and so and so might be mad about it.  Person Y got engaged and had yellow bridesmaid dresses, Person X got fat, and Person Z is gay now, or finally admitting it.  I had to block Person W because they have a Farmville problem and Person V is soooo voting for Scotty McCreery.

The “remove-tag”  button is so hilarious/unfortunate.  Sometimes, I’ll see someone post a picture of me and panick to get online and detag it before anyone sees it.  Sometimes I’ll send the occasional text saying “what were you thinking, that was my bad side.” 

It makes picture posting a nerve-wracking experience for friends.  You don’t want to post what you think is a cute picture, only to find the person is devastated by the way they have been captured and angry that you don’ think so.  It really is so funny how a person sees themselves vs how others view them.

Am I losing you?  Making no sense?

Here is an example.  The picture below was posted by a friend.

You may think, ew….that picture is so unfortunate.  It looks like she only has one tooth. Did I de-tag it? Hell no, that is hilarious.  In fact, it was my profile picture until my mother complained haha!

Get my point?  FB pictures can never really please everyone.  Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is often critical of themselves.

Today’s music comes from an oldie from Kings.

Kings of Leon Seventeen




leavin’ you with a killer sunset on the way to Harrisburg


2 thoughts on “Bank Tubes and Detags

    • haha this book looks right up my alley — i’ll have to read after I finish Tina Fey’s book, which is very funny and has references to PA things since she grew up here. AHAH you are so not person X. you are person C who i didnt even talk about that got prettier, smarter and richer after college.

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