Auto Correct Round 2 and Creep Characters

First things first.  Big congrats to the lead singer of Kings of Leon, Caleb Followill and his gorgeous new wife, Lily Aldridge.   They got married on Thursday May 12 wearing Gucci and Vera.  Here is a pic from the wedding!

So, remember in January when I did the “auto-correct” blog?  To this day, it is still one of my most favorite posts, because I cried tears of laughter while writing it.


Today, my friend Christina sent me NEW ones!  These are equally as funny, so I figured I’d share, courtesy of!

Hahaha.  This is a website that would not have been able to exist 10 years ago.  Oh, the times!  This really makes me want to suggest to Apple that on the iPhone 5, we can change the colors of the text conversations.  Really?!  Grey and Lime Green?!  Let me get some options like on iChat.  Heard.

So I recently got a new work laptop, and it is faster, prettier, and about 14lbs less than my previous laptop that had a charming “Rock The Vote” 2004 campaign sticker on it from some hippie who had previously used it.  With this new laptop came new backgrounds to choose from.  I usually find a nice John Mayer, David Beckham, or Ryan Reynolds picture to throw there, but decided I’d check out what the computer had to offer.  Boy am I glad I did that.  There was the typical folders to choose from; nature, architecture, landscape. And then I noticed one file of backgrounds called “Characters.”  I clicked on it, and ….it got weird.  Check it out:

check out that bear………

I mean,  these are sincerely creepy.  So Dell, if that’s what you were going for, congrats, you’ve succeeded.

Today’s music comes from THREE peeps.  I spent my lunch hour listening to new music and reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants book at Barnes and Noble (which so far, is hilarious and I will surely tell you all about it when I am finished.)  So I have lots to share today.

First — really diggin’ the country now that the weather is nice and the Corona’s are plentiful.  I finally listened to Lady Antebellum’s entire CD, and I love it.

Fave is their new single Just a Kiss

This next one is a little off the grid, but I dig it.  Totally picture it showing up in a movie or TV drama series in the next 6 months, my money is on Gossip Girl.  I did a little research on the Wilhelm Scream and James Blake and turns out the scream is actually a television stock sound effect first used in the movie District Drums, and later more recognized for being used in Star Wars.  James Blake is actually not the original artist of this song, but is covering the song”Where to Turn,” that was written by his father, James Litherland.

James Blake The Wilhelm Scream

And lastly for those with a sense of humor — Andy Samberg started his new “band” The Lonely Island, and their latest CD features big artists such as Rihanna, Michael Bolton and Akon.  I’m sure you’ve all heard the Akon song, so I’ll share the Rihanna song Shy Ronnie with you





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