Drivers Ed, Engagements and Nose Cups

I was thinking about drivers this weekend.  There are a lot of really, really bad drivers on the road. 

There are the texters.  They are only really looking at the road about 40% of the time.  If things stay moving according to plan, they should be all set.

Then there are the lost people.  Slamming on breaks, missing exits, driving 35 miles per hour on the highway and holding maps in front of their direct line of vision.  Get a GPS nerds.

Then we’ve got the elders.  Still wanting their freedom to get to the early bird special and enjoy some chicken marsala around 4p before bedtime, they can barely see above the steering wheel and I’ve seen quite a few “tap” parking jobs.

Can’t forget about the youth.  Little whipper-snappers.  Hoodlems.  Driving too fast, tailgating, eating hoagies.

I consider myself to be a great driver….for a girl.  My dad taught me how to parallel park in the local college parking lot when I was 15.  And I’m forever grateful for that skill.  I also took a driver’s ed course at school.  I was able to cut off 25% on my insurance bill, and gain the skills to be a competent driver (and get out of 7th period once a week.)

It was a lot like Mr. Tuttle’s class on Saved By The Bell.

Haha, no it really wasn’t anything like this class, but what a great episode!  Slater drives Kelly to Volleyball practice and she hits her head on a locker, then pretends to go crazy when she finds out Zach set up the crash.  Amazing.

But I started thinking about all the discounts you get for being a good driver, taking classes and being responsible.  I’m all for rewarding the responsible, but think about how ridiculous it is when you break it down.

You take a class and your insurance goes down, because they know everyone else is going to crash.  Shouldn’t they just make taking driving lessons mandatory?  Now my 16-year-old self would disagree but, 16 years old seems like a really young age to be giving children 2 ton pieces of metal while they experiment with drugs, lie to their parents and pay no attention to the dangers of the open road.

Wow, I think I just turned 50.

Back to my 26-year-old self….

I was in Danbury this weekend for an engagement party.  It was such a great time!  Shannon has been one of my besties for a solid 8 years.  We bonded over our love for cookie dough and lifetime movies.  She had a beautiful party on the Amber Room patio.  The food was crazy.  They literally didn’t stop feeding us for 4 straight hours with delish choices like cheese plates, calamari, Kobe sliders, mini meatballs, and lamb chops, oh my! I took a lot of video this weekend, because I decided that’s my new thang.  I’m going to be blending videos to recap major events.  The Kings Of Leon contest really got me into editing short videos (even though we didn’t win, still love them.)  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the event.

Above is the patio where we had the party!  Below is Leah, Bethany (MOH) Art (FOB) me and then Shannon’s youngest sister Jillian.

Here is the B — the bride herself looking dazzling 🙂

and college roomies at an angle!

All in all, a lovely weekend!

My friend Jillian gave me the best present this morning.  After a weary long trip, it was so great to come back to this little gift.  It really proves once again, how well your work friends really know you, because I LOVE THIS.  Check out some pictures, and be jealous:

HAHA love it!

Today’s music comes from Foster the People.  Song is called Pumped Up Kicks.  They remind me of MGMT and song was def on Vampire Diaries.  NO shame in knowing that.

Listening to Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People on @Grooveshark: 


xoxo shu


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