Kings of Philly

This is a guest blog from Gillian reminiscing about her experience at the Spectrum with Kings in Philadelphia.  Enjoy!

It was unusually hot for an April day. I pulled up to the legendary Spectrum in Philadelphia for my first KOL Show. (This venue has held the likes of Bruce Springstien and many other big rock names.  Sadly it was torn down this past winter to make room for a shopping complex and hotel to liven up the center sports areas of South Philadelphia.)  Not only did I have floor seats but, they were under $50! Oh my, how things have changed in a just a few short years. The parking lot was full of people sitting with friends, drinking, playing games all with Kings in background. You could feel the excitement because it was the first time they had played in Philly !

So finally, I got into the spectrum and planted myself about 10 rows back, dead center behind some extremely short people. They came out strong playing Crawl and went into Taper Jean Girl….I was singing and dancing my bum off. The energy just felt amazing and I was so pumped that KOL was able to play in this legendary venue. If you’re not aware, the Spectrum was a legendary venue back in the late 60- 70’s….one of the only big venues at the time. Everyone from The Doors to Pink Floyd to the Greatful Dead ( who played there 53 times) had played in this venue.  

I remember freaking out when they played Red Morning Light, pretty much scaring the people in front of me that didn’t really have a sense of humor….I said, oh this is my favorite! They replied, oh great…now, you can chill out for the rest of the show…or something to that effect.  It was and still is one of my favorites. And then they closed out with Black Thumbnail. The whole night was so amazing and they sounded great. You never know when you go to a concert, if the band is going to live up to your expectations but let me tell you, Kings went beyond any expectation I had and 3 1/2 years later I’m still hooked!

Here is a picture from my phone of the band.


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