Kings of the Summer

This contest has really gotten me reminiscing about the Kings of Leon concert on August 5th, 2010.

Opening the show with Crawl really got the crowd motivated and with a mix of new and old songs, it stayed interesting.  They are even better live than on their records, and I couldn’t have asked for a better night with friends!  I love that they closed the show with Use Somebody and Black Thumbnail.  In my mind — that was a true scale of their music.  From new to old, both playing an equal part in their current success.

I couldn’t wait to see them again.  Little did I know, I’d have to wait almost a year to catch them on their home turf of TN at Bonnaroo!  I thought sitting on the lawn was “roughing” it, but I was in for the shock of a lifetime with the lack of luxury in the fields of Manchester.

Only thing that could of made this concert better was hearing CHARMER!

Cheers to many more Kings concerts and mild summers in PA.

Leavin’ you with a few jams to hold you over until the next one.

Here is Charmer

And closing with Black Thumbnail

Both from the Because of the Times album





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