Kings of Leon, Ireland, and Bands…or Horses

So I am taking this time to get everyone pumped for the Kings Of Leon concert in Philly/Camden on August 12th, 2011.  If you don’t have tickets yet, get serious nerds.  They have lawn 4 packs for like 30 bucks each.  What could you be doing on an August Friday besides listening to the glorious, tragically emotional, and heartfelt words of A. Caleb Followill and his fellow kings?

I dug a little deeper into their story to get a better understanding of the band.  Fun facts coming your way:

1.  Did you know that all of the band members actually go by their middle names?  Anthony Caleb, Ivan Nathan, Cameron Matthew (cuz) and Michael Jared?

2.  Their father’s name is Ivan Leon Followill — hence the band’s name Kings of Leon.

3.  The bands first album was actually released in 2003.  Their latest album Come Around Sundown (2010) was their 5th studio album.  They had been on the UK and Aussie charts long before the USA came around.

4. All of their album titles have five syllables. The band claim that the first three (Youth and Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak and Because of the Times) were coincidence, but they’ve superstitiously kept it going with Only by the Night.

If this isn’t motivation enough to get there, Band of Horses is opening.  If you’re not familiar, get yourself acquainted:

Even Cee Lo is a fan:

check out this cover of Band of Horses’s No One’s Gonna Love You by Cee Lo Green on @Grooveshark:   #nowplaying

Here is the original:

listening to No One’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying

MTV has designed a contest to find the BIGGEST Kings fan and send them to Ireland to see them play in a castle and I can whole heartedly say…. it’s probably not me.  Not what you were expecting to see, but there are a lot of crazy people out there.  I know this because I’ve met most of them.  I’m not stalking them, not praying for guitar pics to float in my direction, not paying $200+ to sit close enough to be gleeked on, and I don’t know what their favorite candies are.

That being said, they are indeed my most favorite band and respect them as musicians.  At the chance to leave PA and fly to Ireland to see them play in a castle, I would pencil that into my schedule for sure. Especially because the acoustics in a castle would be something I’ve never heard before!   I pretty much can’t think of anything cooler than that.

Hoping to cross two things off of my “to do” list, and so should you.

Here is the contest information:

One of my first blog entries was for Bonnaroo 2010.   It was one of my main inspirations for starting a blog in the first place.  It was an amazing experience and something that I plan on reminscing about for years.  With a music festival of that capacity, the organization and planning really blew me away.

Just to bring you back — here are a few of my favorite pictures from the event.

Kings of Leon was the highlight of our trip.  We waited for two hours to get a good spot by the sound board.  They were amazing and the cool Tennessee air really was a nice break from the relelentless heat of the afternoon.  Best. Show. Ever.  Here was their set list including songs from the new album which then wasn’t released until October!

If you haven’t been to Bonnaroo OR you haven’t seen Kings of Leon, make it a point to do so. 

I leave you today with two of my most favorite Kings Of Leon songs:  Closer off of their 4th album, Only By The Night Charmer off of their album Because of the Times

good luck,




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