Royal Affairs, Haters and A for…Hilarious.

So, it has really become apparent that we do indeed live in a “hateration.”  In case you are not familiar with this term.  Here is the urban dictionary’s take on it:

The opposite of Love, Truth and Light.  The act of process of hating on someone/something.  A full generation or nation/large group of haters.

 I think I’ve always known such haters existed, but with the invention of Facebook, these haters can now put their hate’s out for the public eye to see. 

And please don’t think that I am saying I am not included in the nation of haters.  There is always something to be said about public figures and the decisions they make, but I think I’ve discovered the mystery behind it all.

The things people hate on the most:  Justin Bieber, The Royal Wedding, American Idol, The Ithaca College mascot finalist, white crayons, MAC computers, snakes on a plane, bulldogs that can skateboard, coconut, and being wrong.

It is that need to break lose from the crowd and stand as an individual.  Let’s be serious.  Justin Bieber is a little ball of talent.  Kid posted some sweet vids of him jamming to Chris Breezy, learned how to drum at age 2, now he is a millionaire at age 17.  You can say his hair is silly, but in reality, you cannot say he doesn’t have talent.  

So for all you haters out there, hush up, would you?  I know you secretly love Dancing with the Stars, you’ve thought about purchasing “One Less Lonely Glitter” from Justin Bieber’s nail polish line and you cried a little during the Royal Wedding coverage on TLC.  So get over yourselves, no one will like you less for taming down the hate.  Heard.
I came across these hilarious student responses to tests.  I know you may have seen some of them before, but I get a kick out of their answers.  I could never be a teacher because you can’t pass people for creativity and good humor alone.  Check them out:


Today’s music comes from a band called Other Lives.  Song is called For 12.

I dig it.  It is available for FREE on iTunes right now, so go grab it while you can.

Til then, you can find me in the Diamond Club.  Don’t forget about all the moms out there on Sunday.  GO PHILLIES!





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