Summer Musts, Dental Questioning and Aug 28th

So as promised, I said I’d come up with a list of questions for the dental employees of America.  This series of questions only require a yes or no response.  Therefore, the dental employee feels like they are entertaining you while creeping in your mouth, and you feel like you can answer without disrupting the cleanse.

Here it goes:

1.  Do you love coming to the Dentist?

2.  Are you finished school? 

3.  Do you have a long vacation planned this summer?

4.  Don’t you still wish they had treasure chests full of prizes at adult dentist offices?

5.  Don’t you think they should make gloves that are flavored ? 

6.  Remember when we used to give you sunglasses to wear when you were little to avoid this blinding light in your face?

7.  Do you want me to stop talking to you?

8.  Are you lying when you say you floss every night?

9.  Is your favorite color blue?

10.  Do you really even want these free toothbrushes?

BOOM. That should kill around 25 minutes if you space it out right.

Question of the day:

If you do not feel inclined to wish that Facebook Friend a Happy Birthday on their special day, should you really be friends with them at all?

just a thought.

So I came across this website that has everything that happened on a certain date.  I put in my birthday, obviously, because I wanted to know how important I am.

So August 28th:


1st Japanese gay pride parade


“Monster Mash” goes gold


Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream speech” at Lincoln Memorial

annnnnnd that’s pretty much it.  Not that I’m complaining.  A classic moment in history like the Monster Mash going gold is something I’m proud to share a birthday with.

Here is the website if you feel the need to explore your own B-dizzle:

Tonight — I’m hittin’ up Seasons 52 for the first time, so get ready for another runonrestaurantreview on the next post!

If you find yourself bored this afternoon — I loved these great finds on

I clicked on the “geekery” category

These are so great:

oh my gosh — and REMEMBER THESE?!?!!??!!?

I guess it’s confirmed.  I’m a huge geek because that stuff is awesome.

Anyway, my absolute FAVORITE part of the summer are the CONCERTS!  This year, there is a stellar line up in the Philadelphia area.

In case you’re curious:

Festival Pier (the greatest venue ever aka Penns Landing, see you at the Lobster House for crab legs and beer)

May 20th Weezer with Panic at the Disco

June 4th Roots Picnic featuring Nas, The Roots, Wiz Khalifa and that chick that beat out Justin Bieber for a Grammy.

July 26th 311 and Sublime with Rome

August 11th Guster and Jack’s Mannequin — whhhhaaaa, so good.

August 17th  Ke$ha….just throwin’ it out there.  Maybe if we get close enough, we can see her peen.

Switching Venues to Trocadero

May 4th Death Cab for Cutie

July 23d LegWarmers 80’s party!

May 13th Adele — apparently this is sold out so StubHub it.

and honestly droppin’ the ball a little this year, The Susquehanna Bank Center

June 26th Def Leppard and Heart

July 9th Rascal Flatts

August 13th Journey

and I think Jimmy Buffett is in there somewhere.

Today’s music comes from Jack Johnson — what better summer artist is there?

I’m listening to “Home” by Jack Johnson (


Lastly, given that today is Wednesday, I leave you with a funny little note my friend Sandy sent me:

Let’s Face itAfter Monday and Tuesday….

Even the calendar says – W T F.

xoxo shu