Good Advice, Night Walkers and Run On Restaurant Review

You can always judge a week by the Chobani greek yogurt supply at Giant.  This week better watch out…..the drought has begun.

So after witnessing a traumatic event this weekend, I started thinking about life!  My friend Jillian sent me a link showing stats that if you sit at a desk all day, you are 54% more likely to have a heart attack than if you have a job where you spend time on your feet!  Then they brought it up on the Elvis Duran morning show too.  AHHHH! 

Laurie did some research and came up with a solution.

BAM. Problem solved.  Heart Healthy I shall be.  What will one of these puppies cost ya?  In a Robin Leech voice: “a whopping $479.”  There are some asterisk’s with mentions of the treadmill not being included, which I sorta feel is the most important part to a treadmill desk.  But I am no expert on the subject. for more information! 


Restaurant Reviews:  I like to pretend I’m a baller and dine out, take trips and buy things that I can’t afford.  Saturday night was no exception.  We made it rain at Morimoto in center Philadelphia.  Quick review:  Def check it out, the booths change colors, they have a pod bar upstairs, amazing lychee martini’s, skip the $42 Kobe Beef rice/stone bowl, don’t take 76 because there is probably/def an accident and they only hold your reservation for 15 minutes even though they aren’t busy, this is such a run on sentence, in fact let’s call this the run on sentence restaurant review.  WOW. I like that.

So of course, I almost went the entire weekend without a weirdo encounter.  But, alas, some dude in a cowboy hat came to the bar at around 7:30p for his 7 and 7.  One of the other servers asked him if he was from Texas with his cowboy hat.  He sort of laughed and said no, he had been doing business in Texas and picked it up.  He signed his CC slip then asked me if I knew anyone looking for part-time work.  I mean, that’s a fairly vague question.  So I asked what kind of work?  Construction?  He laughed a little and said no, it’s like after hours kind of work from your home.  Sorry buddy, but I’ve seen construction done at night, and your fingernails are dirty, so please just get to the point.  He tells me I should write down my email address so he can give me more information later about it/probably kill me.  The majority of the people I asked thought he was trying to round-up “tutes.”  Either way, an Italian Grill might not be the best place to scout out night walkers buddy.

While I’m on a “helping you become a better you” kick, here are some helpful remedies to every day silly problems:

  • Need to pee? No bathroom nearby? Thinking about sex pre-occupies your brain, so you won’t feel as much discomfort, says Larry Lipshultz, M.D., chief of male reproductive medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine.   This is BS — tried it on the way to the Phillies Game on Thursday and I peed my pants, JUST KIDDING, kind of.
  • German researchers have discovered that coughing during an injection can lessen the pain of the needle stick.  According to Taras Usichenko, author of a study on the phenomenon, the trick causes a sudden, temporary rise in pressure in the chest and spinal canal, inhibiting the pain-conducting structures of the spinal cord.   OK fine, maybe this helps with the distraction part, but should you really be jerking around and coughing when a doctor is coming at you with a needle?  Suck it up babies, needles don’t even hurt.
  • Stuffy nose? Forget Sudafed. An easier, quicker, and cheaper way to relieve sinus pressure is by alternately thrusting your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then pressing between your eyebrows with one finger. This causes the vomer bone, which runs through the nasal passages to the mouth, to rock back and forth, says Lisa DeStefano, D.O., an assistant professor at the Michigan State University college of osteopathic medicine. The motion loosens congestion; after 20 seconds, you’ll feel your sinuses start to drain.  This is legit. 
  • If your hand falls asleep while you’re driving or sitting in an odd position, rock your head from side to side. It’ll painlessly banish your pins and needles in less than a minute, says Dr. DeStefano. A tingly hand or arm is often the result of compression in the bundle of nerves in your neck; loosening your neck muscles releases the pressure. Compressed nerves lower in the body govern the feet, so don’t let your sleeping dogs lie. Stand up and walk around.  You guys let me know if this works.

For a list of full remedies, here is the link:

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather we had on Monday.  80 degrees in April?  Yikes, let’s ignore the fact that world is ending next year and enjoy parks like these.  Sorry about the quality, they were taken on my iPhone.

And don’t forget…..Friday Night Lights SEASON 5 premiere’s THIS Friday April 15th on NBC.  This is the final season people, get hyped.

Today’s music comes from the “Water for Elephants” movie.  It’s a beautiful instrumental piece by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.  Can’t wait to check this movie out!  Did you love the book?

listening to Song For Jesse by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying

For those tryin’ to boogie, the new Pitbull song is very great.

listening to Give Me Everything (feat Nayer & Ne-Yo) by Pitbull on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying


xoxo shu


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