Lake Beasts, Crochet and Phillies

My streak is still intact!  Phillies win yesterday 🙂  I did not catch a home run, but it was a great time none the less!

The drive down, although long and full of stop and go traffic, was actually pretty entertaining. 

Check out this guy’s license plate:


Also found this really amusing:

At least it was a ticket-free drive to the ballpark, ending in a Phillies Victory!

So, let me start off by saying, I’m all about ITHACA College.  I loved going to school there minus the miserable weather, high probability of falling down the stairs, and the snooze of a drive to and from school.  It was a great campus, beautiful for the two weeks a year when it was NOT snowing, and I made some truly great friends while I was there.   Oh and the school part with the classes was pretty stellar as well.

This year, the school decided with its’ ever changing campus, it needed to spruce up the mascot to match the new digs.  Currently, we are labeled as the IC Bombers.  I can’t say that I blame them for wanting to label the school as something other than a D3 school of terrorist.  But alas, they opened the creative gates and let the students and alumni send in their design ideas.  They received over 250 mascot suggestions, but in the last three days, revealed the three finalist.

Hilarious guideline included:

  • NOT be a literal interpretation of “bombers” (war-related proposals will not be considered)

AKA — don’t design a terrorist because that’s why they are changing it to begin with.

Here is what the mascot could NOT be because the names are taken from the surrounding schools.

  • Cardinals (St. John Fisher)
  • Ducks (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  • Dutchmen (Union College)
  • Golden Eagles (SUNY Brockport)
  • Golden Flyers (Nazareth College)
  • Hawks (Hartwick College)
  • Herons (William Smith College)
  • Pioneers (Utica College)
  • Pride (Widener University)
  • Red Dragons (SUNY Cortland, SUNY Oneonta)
  • Saints (St. Lawrence University)
  • Saxons (Alfred University)
  • Soaring Eagles (Elmira College)
  • Statesmen (Hobart College)
  • Tigers (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Warriors (Lycoming College)

Here are the videos produced by the communications school pumping up all three finalist.

In case you don’t feel like watching those exciting videos.  I’ve displayed the three choices below.

Bomber, The Phoenix

Bomber, The Flying Squirrel

Bomber, The Lake Beast

I mean.  A LAKE BEAST?!!!?!!?  A FLYING SQUIRREL?!?!!?  Who is letting these people into college?  Out of all the hundreds of suggestions you received, these are the best three options?  A Phoenix, while badass, completely irrelevant to the college location or overall feel.  A Flying Squirrel, while I understand the “bomber” tie-in, not a very intimidating animal.  And lastly, A Lake Beast.  Bomber, the Ithaca College Lake Beast.  I’m giving back my diploma if that one gets selected.  I’m 99% sure someone submitted that one as a bad joke, and now it’s gone too far.  There are plenty of other great creatures in any body of water.  I.E. The Ithaca Tilapias, The Ithaca Algae, The Ithaca Ice Storm.  The Yeti. Anything.

Most colleges don’t have this sort of luxury.  Look at Maryland…The Terrapins?  I’m really thinking whoever gave that massive school a slow, brown turtle to represent their university, probably doesn’t work there anymore.

My choice?  Bomber the Ithaca College Frisbee.  Silly hippies!

Today’s music comes from Circa Survive.  Song is called The Greatest Lie

Another tune for those of you in a piano, no words, tragically beautiful sort of way, check out this tune called Earth by Brian Crain. 

This post is brought to you by FamousCaleb.  My brother Caleb is fortunate enough to be famous for no reason.  Catch his adventures on Twitter @FamousCaleb


Last thing.  I know some of you may know I’ve been taking a crochet class!  Well, it’s all finished and I’ve learned the basics.  here is what I started with:

and here is my half way point to a blanket!  WOW! haha.

xoxo shu


4 thoughts on “Lake Beasts, Crochet and Phillies

  1. I’m excited that you decided to do a blog after multiple people at work have told you to. I’ll definitely keep reading!!!!!!!!

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