Tipping and Talented Youth.

Tips for Tipping:  #1 learn how to do it before eating out.

Seeing as I’ve been working in the restaurant business since 99′, I’ve seen it all.  The drunk Canadian felon that asks you to be their personal assistant, gives you the Gorillaz CD and later gets tasered in the parking lot.  The lonely old man that makes passes at all the servers and seems to have one less tooth with each new visit.  The lawyer with outdated glasses, a Finlandia addiction and a gambling problem.  The teacher that eats in the restaurant three times a week and tips almost 100%.  And last but not least, the notorious red sangria drinking, color contact wearing, insanely bad tipping, solo woman.

A few summers ago, when Oprah announced during the recession that 10% tipping was OK, I was outraged.  I realized that Oprah has probably never worked in a restaurant and needed something to boost ratings as her show comes to a close.  But it occurred to me that most people have not worked in a restaurant at any point in their lives.  It comes down to lack of experience on the tipping front.

So I’m taking it upon myself to educate my blog readers on the basics of tipping properly.

  • When you stiff us, we actually PAY money to the restaurant.

This is a common misconception.  You “dine and dash” in a corporate restaurant, damn the man, right?  WRONG.  The servers are responsible for keeping an eye on their tables.  So when you dash, the server is 100% responsible for that table.  You build up $100 bill, the server must come up with $100 to pay for that.  And not to mention the tip share they owe their bartenders, hosts and bussers.  Soooooo don’t do that.  Get your sweet thrills from rolling thru stop signs and buying scratch off lottery tickets.

  • 20% is standard

20% is the norm, not 15, not 18, 20.  There are plenty of tip calculator apps if you are mathematically challenged.

  • Don’t double the tax

Whoever invented that method didn’t feel like doing percentages.

  • If you are particularly high maintenance, come in 15 minutes before closing or say the phrase “we haven’t seen each in other in a while, we’re going to be here all night,”  prepare to tip accordingly.  And by accordingly I mean, a lot.

No real clarification needed on that rule, yes?

  • Don’t punish the server for things out of their control.

The servers aren’t cooking the food.  They aren’t controlling the wait time.  They don’t choose the music in the restaurant.  So don’t punish them when your tuna tar tar takes longer than you’d hoped.  Don’t punish them when you go 20 minutes over your expected wait time.

**EXTRA  When you transfer your drink from the bar, don’t forget to tip your bartender.  They still took the time to pay attention to you while you waited.

Ok, feel free to call me with questions.  Now you know.

Onto a music front — I LOVE this site:


It has great lyric quotes from ton’s of great bands!

Today’s music comes from Anna Graceman.

This little 11-year-old girl wrote a lullaby for her little cousin.

Seriously, what are they putting in Lucky Charms these days to make for such talented youngsters?



xoxo shu


3 thoughts on “Tipping and Talented Youth.

  1. Yes! I wish everyone had to work in a restaurant at one point in their life. Tipping would increase across the country. Did you see “Waiting?” on TV this weekend? 🙂

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