Grapefruit, Scrabble, and Stylish Ice Cubes

I feel it is my duty to warn you about Grapefruit and its connection to having babies.  By all accounts, grapefruit is really great for you.  It helps your body recover from fevers, alleviates insomnia,  is a great source of vitamin A and has even been used as a holistic treatment for Malaria.  When paired with protein, it can trigger weight loss and appetite suppression.  Turns out, there are rumors/studies/people sayin’ that it dulls or voids birth control!!!  I hope I wasn’t a grapefruit baby!!! (I wasn’t.)


Don’t quote me, and do your own research.  I’m not trying to get sued for blog-fraud.

Speaking of food, have you ever read that book “Eat This, Not That?”  It really blows my mind.  Not to put any restaurant on blast, but Cheesecake Factory is really putrid.  Example:  Cheesecake Factory Bistro Shrimp Pasta 2,819 calories.  That is like 819 calories more than what a normal human should eat in one full day.  I mean, look into that.  In fact, they are on the bottom/worst of the categories for almost ALL listed in the book.  Even their kids meals are bad.  1,800 calories for a Kids Fett Alf.  New slogan:  Cheesecake Factory, encouraging childhood obesity, and maintaining thru adulthood, one entrée at a time.

Not to make this blog entry all about foods, but they do list a few remedies for when you’re feeling…not yourself.  For example:

When you’re stressedeat eggs, drink wine and chew gum but steer clear of coffee.

When you’re feeling sadeat salmon, garlic and dark chocolate, stay away from white chocolate.

When you want to boost your metabolismeat chile peppers, yogurt and coffee.

When you’re sick eat kiwi, honey, olives and drink rooibos tea.

When you’re trying to be smartereat sardines, garlic, steak, carrots, ground flaxseed and bananas but ew not together.

Moving on!

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, I would sincerely recommend you download the Words With Friends app.  It’s more or less scrabble that you can play with the contacts in your phone, or creepy people you don’t know at all.  The only reason I’m bringing this up is to brag, aduh.  Look at these numbers I pulled, and at 7:55am no less.  Barely awake, but making killer plays.  Go me.

I was shopping at the Limerick outlets on Saturday, and came across the coolest little shop Le Chef.  They had great little kitchen knick knacks and trendy salt and pepper shakers, chocolates, and free samples of yummy jams/dips.  I found these, and they are so neat!  Random, I know, but they’re were too great not to share.

Here is the link in case you want to purchase any of these 🙂

Today’s music comes from Arcade Fire, who are playing at Bonnaroo this year!

listening to 01 The Suburbs by Arcade Fire on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying #musicmonday

and a lil extra something for you from the Oscars last night.  If you wanna see how I did on my guestimations, check my Today, Today blog for my predictions!  Here is Dido singing the original song from 127 hours.  Beautiful song!

listening to If I Rise –  by Dido & A. R. Rahman (From the movie _127 Hours_) on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying #musicm


xoxo shu


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