Biebs, Angry Birds, and Three Day Weekends

I love three-day weekends and decided I’d like to have one of those every weekend.  Question being, would Tuesday eventually end up being just as awful as Monday?  Or would I relish in the extra day off and get some quality R&R?

Friday night we had a “goodbye to Gillian’s gallbladder party.”  We cooked low fat foods and drank wine (although she couldn’t partake.)  Decided to take pictures of the food and the friends for the hell of it.  Move over Food Magazine, it’s the Skiles Blvd kitch.

Good times!

I finally saw the Justin Bieber movie in 3D on Saturday.

I wish I could say this was the one of the dorkiest things I’ve done, but let’s be serious.  Honestly, that little kid is really amazing and his dad is hot.  I wish I had video taped it, but at the end of the movie during his performance of “Baby”  approx 15 small children (girls) were dancing and screaming like they were at the sold out Madison Square Garden concert venue.  It was so cute and slightly unexpected.

Seriously, how hot is his dad?  This picture doesn’t even do him justice.  He’s fo sho a dime piece.

Only problem with a Justin Bieber movie is, he’s only 17 years old and hasn’t had much of a story.  The real juicy stuff (like his parent’s unplanned teen pregnancy leading to their split when JB was only 10 months old) was only touched upon briefly.  There isn’t much of a story besides raw talent + youtube + USHER = sold out Madison Square Garden.  His crew seems like a great group of people who work hard but have a ton of fun.

Overall I give the movie a B+, not that my film critiques carry much weight.

Also, if you live in the PA area and you haven’t tried Harvest in Glen Mills yet, run there.  Their whole gig is basically using local farms fresh/in season ingredients to make their dishes.  90% of the menu is under 500 calories except for a few splurge items that are marked as “for the fatties.”  Just kidding, there is just an asterisk.  I had this hazelnut goat cheese and cranberry spread with toast and cranberry jam plus an assortment of pears and harvest apples.  It was, so good.  No complaints in the app department!  For dinner I had chili that was OOTW.  That stands for out of this world, it’ll catch on, lol (who invented that?)

This little girl really has a great perspective on life and marriage.  Heard on the Elvis Duran show this morning — seriously, check it out:

What We Talked About – Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

Speaking of little girls with youtube videos.  This girl is great as well.  Covering Lady Gaga’s new single Born This Way, this 10-year-old girl’s piano skills leave room for improvement, but she’s a great singer!

Had an interesting trip to Barnes and Noble today.  I’m sure I looked like a total creep taking pictures of random things and not actually buying anything, but what can you do?

First thing on my Christmas list next year:  The Sitch’s workout video.  Is it me, or does his stomach kind of look like the one from Alien when something is trying to get out?

You know who’s ab workout I really want?  Octo-mom’s.  How in the hell do you recovery from this:

alsdkfjlaskdjfal;kdj ew.

Moving on to way cooler, less grotesque things.  This dad really is the greatest dad ever.  I’m sure by now, you’ve all played Angry Birds.  Well, this dad decided to make an Angry Birds CAKE for his son’s 6th birthday.  Not only did it look amazing, but was a fully functioning game.  Check it out:

Today’s music comes from the Wiz Khalifa.  I feel the need the clear his name after Black and Yellow; the obnoxious, unfortunately catchy Pittsburgh Steelers anthem.  But he’s truly redeemed himself with this one,  it’s pretty “fresh to death.”

listening to This Plane by Wiz Khalifa on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying

After much time in Barnes and Noble today, I sincerely recommend these three albums:

Black Eyed Peas – The Beginning

Just because they can’t perform live, doesn’t mean they aren’t great producers and master of the sine wave.  Specific tracks I’m digging:

listening to Whenever (Album Version) by Black Eyed Peas on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying

listening to Just Can’t Get Enough by Black Eyed Peas on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying

Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Good Summer Jam featuring Damian Marley   listening to Liquor Store Blues Ft. Damian by Bruno Mars on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying

This one has B.O.B and Cee-Lo Green.  Can’t really be bad.  listening to The Other Side by Bruno Mars Ft. Cee-Lo Green & B.o.B. on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying

deadmau5 – 4×4 = 12

Please be in a techno, dance, workout mode when you check this out. listening to 4×4=12 by deadmau5 on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying

and from the old album: listening to Ghosts n Stuff (ft. Rob Swire) by deadmau5 on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying

OK that’s it for today,

xoxo shu


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