New Hobbies, Bad Jobs, and Returned Mugs.

I am looking for a new hobby.  

All in all, it seems as though I miss my college years, even the class part.  I miss Mr. McCall’s class about consumer behavior, but Fhari Unsal’s PowerPoint presentations about international business can take a back seat in my sweet memories folder.  

My crafty friend Amy has agreed to take a crochet class with me.  Any requests for blankets/scarves or full knit PJs?  When I looked up crochet projects, I actually got a little more excited for the class, though I’m not sure how one can learn to make these things within a 4 class time constraint.

I’ll most likely stick with pot holders and perhaps an afghan or three.  Oh, and def. one of these:

what is that? hahahahaha.

My next project will either be Calligraphy, French, Piano Lessons, Stained Glass, Sign Language or perhaps Photography.  I really just wrote out that list so I can remember what I wanted to learn about, not because I thought you’d care at all.

I dream of a life full of classes, art, free time, unlimited money, time to blog, and a well-rounded existence.   Really the key to a happy life (in my book….blog) is always be positive, tryyyy not to complain, choose your battles and always have something to look forward to.

Question for today:  What would you really love to learn to do?

Speaking of office antics (we weren’t though), you’ll never guess what happened on Monday.  A friend sent me an email asking me who returned the infamous stolen mug.  I told her “no one had” and went on a mini rant about Lindsay Lohan.  She said…wellllllll……it’s in the dishwasher.  I sprinted into the kitchen, and sure enough, BOOM! There it was sitting in the dishwasher with fingerprints and salted crumbs stuck to the side of the cup (I suspect they were pretzels and I suspect the person will be surprised when special victims unit detectives Benson and Stabler come for them because I’m a victim here and that mug is special.)  How infuriating!  After I tried to publicly embarrass the thief by postering the office with their indiscretion, they slip it into the dishwasher without telling me!  At least I have it back.  Grateful:

Crazy?  Yes crazy.  How do you sleep at night mug thief?  Jokes on you, I lick the handles of all my cups now just in case.

Despire this minor hump in the road, I really love the people I work with.  There are several quirky people that keep the day moving along, and then some all around great friends!  What makes me more thankful for my job?  These jobs:

Translation on the side:  “Life’s too short for the wrong job”

Love this campaign!

On to the video for today — GLEE.  How great did they do with Thriller?  Watched it twice….ish.

Today’s music comes from my main squeeze Johnny May_er.

listening to Assassin by John Mayer on @Grooveshark:  #nowplaying

Another added bonus — my friend Dan Mills teamed up with videographer/photographers Chris Lavigne, Sasha Israel and Justin Muir to make an amazing music video — great tune — talented boys and gal!

Enjoy whippersnappers,

xoxo gossip girl shu

Some 6p sunset pictures from yesterday via the bluRiPhone.  I also included a picture of an owl.  I didn’t take the picture or see this owl in person, but I just like owls and think it’s cute.


5 thoughts on “New Hobbies, Bad Jobs, and Returned Mugs.

  1. Love it. First of all, I’m dying to take up martial arts as a hobby and glass blowing. Random. The 92 Street Y in Manhattan is teaching Krav Maga which is like an Israeli form of martial arts. I think the Israeli’s are such bad ass assassins (full circle, John Mayer) that if I want to learn martial arts? That’s the one.

    The other “hobby” I want to try is antiquing. Sounds fancy, complex, but also a little lazy/laidback. I like to think that people say they are antiquing when they really just spent the weekend shopping. It’s a way to feel as though your shopping is a little bit more upscale than the average Joe’s.

    How is your video not “Who you finna try?”

  2. haha please tell me that your interest in martial arts was heightened by last night’s episode of Tosh. “That is why terrorists wear scarves” Just put in my PTO request to come see you and irish in NYC.

    Totally agree with antiquing. Need a little more expendable income to really get into that. Otherwise, it’s just trash picking.

  3. Two thoughts. Number one, you can come to RI for weekends of crocheting, because I’m an avid closet crocheter (how awkward is the word crocheter??). That first necklace I could teach you to make in an hour…very easy. I’m too impatient for classes or patterns, so I crochet by trial and error. I wouldn’t recommend it, nor would I recommend learning from me…impatience yields a lot of doing, undoing, and redoing. Second though—-I don’t.get.glee. I tried….twice. Once for the dentist episode because I felt I was occupationally obligated, the second because it was the only option on a plane. Both times I felt confused and unentertained…sort of queasy, like when someone asks a question in class that is so off the beat or stupid that you feel embarrassed they are still speaking. I just tried to watch the thriller video, thinking perhaps my love of all things MJ will convert me…but no dice. I hate it. I just don’t get the hype. Tell me what I’m missing!

    • haha i love your comments. you crack me up. I’m so excited that you’re a (dare I type it again) crocheter! I used to make afgan’s with my grandmom when I was 8 so I’m assuming I’ll pick it up fast. Saw your sewing machine! love the pillow — your house is so adorable. I really like the chair.
      as for GLEE — I’ll do a little digging and pick out a few epps that I think you’d like. It is a very silly show. It helps me enduldge the “Justin Bieber” part of my brain. It’s like when you think to yourself “what would life be like as a musical” and then BAM they did it. Feels like a disney movie with real people and Brittany’s dumb comments are a mixture hilarious and sad. Just take it for what it is, a guilty pleasure, and you’ll enjoy. There have def been times during the show (ie Lady Gaga episode) where I feel wildly uncomfortable/awkward haha but I try to focus on the happier times.

  4. i love love love the campaign with the people “in” the machines! Made my afternoon.

    I bought a calligraphy set with a how to book thinking I would use my new fanciful writing for wedding invites. I haven’t even opened it and hence my mom is going to address the invitations. I will give it to you the next time I see you.

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