Q tips, Packers, Movie Releases and Amos Lee

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  The big game on Sunday was very exciting! 

I followed Tosh.0’s rules and didn’t state my opinion about the game to anyone based on the fact that I really haven’t paid any attention to the past 44 Superbowls.  I’m not even really sure if Super Bowl is one word or two.  But, I did get to watch the whole thing at work, resulting in a $12 bartending shift.  I can now afford that concentrated dishwasher detergent I have been saving up for.

I really kept getting confused for the first half of the game though.  The TV’s we have at the bar in Carrabba’s are far from HD.  They are the kind that weigh a buck sixty and wouldn’t fit in any shelving unit made prior to the 00’s.  I fear they will fall out of the ceiling and create total devastation to the bar structure.  But as a result, the Green Bay Packer’s uniforms appeared black and yellow to me. Wiz Khalifa has burned these two colors into our brains as Pittsburgh (which I think is unfair.  Bee’s are black and yellow, among other things > the Steelers.)  I knew the Packers would win the Superbowl because Ben Roethlisberger is an “alleged” rapist.  I’m sure God watches football and can’t allow a creeper to win endorsements and the glory that goes along with a Superbowl championship.  And he had problems getting ladies before……yikes! 

But on a serious note;  Why do the Black Eyed Peas insist on performing live?  You guys are so cool when we don’t have to watch you scream your songs in public.  I like that you tried to distract us by throwing in a bunch of people in white suits on the field, and then pushed out USHER to save the day, but I’m embarrassed for you.  Do I respect the fact that they didn’t lip sync during the halftime show?  Maybe.  But let’s all agree that lip syncing would have saved us the pain of that performance.  You too Christina Aguilera.  Why is that everyone always messes up the lyrics to the National Anthem?  PRACTICE.  Get a teleprompter.  Or be worth what you’re being paid to sing it.  Kna mean?

In case you missed the BEPs — Here is the video

I saw Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher’s movie “No Strings Attached” on Saturday night with a few girlfriends.  I must say, very cute!  However, I think I have a better ending.  Natalie, if you’re reading this, have your people call my people.  We’ll film it for the DVD release haha!

I came across this and thought;  this has got to be the #1 most broken warning guideline of ALL time.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately.  Came across this amazing calendar of movies coming out over the next year.  Some of these look SOOO GOOD.  Bradley Cooper’s movie Limitless is where he finds a way to access 100% of his brain power looks intense (they say the average american uses around 30%, except for me of course, I use at least 55%.)  And Matt Damon’s new movie the Adjustment Bureau looks great too!  No trailers on here but descriptions and posters.  Check it out.

The Only 2011 Movie Calendar You Need http://t.co/s4jOAr0 via @geekforever

Lastly, it brings me great sadness to announce I have given up the search for my mug.  After postering the office with these:

No one has come forward and confessed their thievery.  I will now assume Lindsay Lohan came into our office and stole it.

Today’s music comes from Amos Lee.

His new album was just released on Jan 25th — is called Mission Bells.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire album yet, but as expected, the first listen has left me feeling OK.  Soulful and good for light listening, but not very many really deep songs if that makes sense.  This album is a little more twangy/country-style than the past three, and lacks the good “catch” song that breaks hearts (ie: Colors, Arms of a Woman from past albums), UNTIL the last three songs of the album listed below.  Great!

He will actually be in the Philadelphia area this April at the Merriam Theatre (which I haven’t been too!)  There is more info on his website about this singer/songwriters 4th studio album, check it out:



listening to Learned A Lot by Amos Lee on @Grooveshark: http://tinysong.com/DcLG  #nowplaying #musicmonday

listening to Stay With Me by Amos Lee on @Grooveshark: http://tinysong.com/DeUV  #nowplaying #musicmonday

listening to Violin by Amos Lee on @Grooveshark: http://tinysong.com/D9BJ  #nowplaying #musicmonday

xoxo shu


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