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So last night I got mad at myself.  I updated my iTunes and found this “Ping” feature slash musical social networking site.  It is unreal.  I was furious because, I should have invented it.

If you are unfamiliar, here is a link where Apple walks you thru the features/premise of the website. More or less, it is a social networking site that runs directly thru iTunes and links you to musicians sites.  There is a “newsfeed” feature that runs along the side of screen with new music and tour updates from the artists that you marked as “liking.”  You can also choose six bands/musicians to represent your musical taste.  Got real nervous when I realized that the last six songs I downloaded where….uh…..not very consistent with my overall music taste.

Note to self:  do not indulge in guilty pleasure music on iTunes now that it’s tracking your every purchase and announcing it to your “followers.”  Does this mean I’ll be deleting my Justin Bieber songs?  Hell no, that little kid can sing.  I’ll just be purchasing them thru another method haha!  They should really have a “self checkout” option in Barnes and Noble to avoid the embarrassment of buying the CDs of past American Idol winners, show tune soundtracks, and fifteen year old pop superstars.  You know those cashiers are judging you based on your purchases.

I was going to include a video of a virtual tour thru PING, but all the ones online were just a bunch of nerds videoing from the lockers they’ve been stuffed in.  So just go check it out on your own.

WordPress has opened me up to a whole plethora of new websites that I hadn’t heard of.  My favorite being Stumble Upon.  I’m still trying to figure it out, but it looks like you just hit “discover” based on the things you’ve marked that you are interested in stumbling upon, and BOOM, takes you to a website it thinks you will be interested in.

First website — love it.  Here are a few pictures that appear to be photoshopped but are NOT.

Success!  I love these pictures!

I could literally spend hours on this website just hitting “stumble” and refreshing the page!

I saw a commercial for this on TV last week and instantly looked up the website.  I mean, is this real life?

Not really much to say about that.

Anyway, I tried another baking trial run tonight.  Whatever excuse I need to wear my Vera Bradley cooking apron and waste 5 hours of my time 🙂  Check it out!

Today’s music comes from singer/songwriter James Morrison.  He pretty much never tours in the US, so if you see him in your town, make a point to check him out!

James Morrison – Precious Love

James Morrison – This Boy

xoxo shu


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