Photog, Lucky Googling, and Snow Pics

My good friend and amazing musician Dan Mills named his most recent album, Fiction in Photographs.  (Obviously need to plug-in a shameless….well plug.  At you can download the entire album for free.)  I got to thinking today how interesting of a concept that really is.  There have been times I’ve taken a picture and looked back on it and thought; what was captured in that moment wasn’t at all what it was like to be in that moment.

For example.  This thug shown below is actually just my grandmother.  She doesn’t really get into bar fights or steal.

I just spent the better part of an hour looking for another example only to come up short!  I guess I’m more of a non-fiction in photographs kind of girl.  Or just better at masking my real truth when the flash strikes.

Something I wanted to explore today was the Google “I’m feeling lucky” button.  What is the purpose of this button?  Why would I want to feel lucky on an internet search engine?  I think I’m more of an “I’m feeling like you should just tell me the answer to my search so I can get on with my day,” sort of girl.

But alas, I’ve explored and I don’t get it.  I put in my own name and hit the I’m feeling lucky button and got some other Ashley Shuey’s facebook page. And while her children are cuties, it is not me.

Ashley Shuey Dellaposta

Next I entered my second favorite thing to talk about besides myself, TOSH.0  This led me to a great clip of a weatherman with a sweet word slip.  Check it out.


Next I tried out just plain “Awesome.”  AND what I found, actually was pretty awesome.

This website: popped up.

Features products such as:

A picnic set for wine!  so great!

Next, I googled “funniest thing ever” and got this youtube video that has sparked over 5 million views.  And it is pretty hilarious.  Check it out.

And lastly, I put in “hilarious.”  Please enjoy these signs courtesy of Google.

This one is a little conflicting:

Don’t want to miss this amazing deal:

Ha, this intersection must be in Jersey:

haha, Ladies please contain yourself.

Don’t forsee this being a problem:



Oh wow, just another way for people to waste their time 🙂

So, below are some pictures from the Blizzuricanerainestorm of 2011

Today’s song comes from two great artists!

I saw this band at the Roo, and they were amazing!  This song sounds like it should be in a car commercial or something.

Temper Trap – Fader

The second song is actually Ben Kweller doing a cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song!

Ben Kweller – Today

Happy girl scout cookie month, and black history month too.  Also did you know that twins have the exact same finger prints?  Creepy.

xoxo shu


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