Auto Correct This.

My godmom told me that the NPR did a piece on the auto-correct features of today’s smart phones.  I realized how many of my own errors have made me chuckle/really confused the recipient.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think text message/email communication has made business and keeping in touch way more efficient, but on a personal level, it’s really bad for relationships!  Think of how many times you’ve read over an email or text message and gotten furious, only to find that you misread the tone of the text completely?  Or gone back and forth with someone who is really short in their emails, but then when you get them on the phone, they are hilarious and very personable. 

I have an iPhone and I’d have to say, one auto-correct that cracks me up is “ducking.”  Sometimes people just need to drop an F bomb to let off some steam.  Or type it because Donna won’t let me use the word out loud (which I get, its crass and unnecessary.)  But apparently, the genius programmers at Apple don’t curse and think their phone users use the word  “ducking” way more often than “f-ing.”  I know I do.   Not really.  I actually had to look up the definition of ducking, because I wouldn’t know to use it in a sentence besides describing the act of moving out-of-the-way of a moving object, or making your way past a low ceiling without hitting your head.

Here is what Wikipedia had to offer:

Ducking is an effect commonly used in radio and pop music, especially dance music. It is an effect where the level of one signal is reduced by the presence of another signal, through the use of side chain compression.

If that didn’t make your head explode, this will:

It can also be used to achieve a “pumping” effect which can clearly be heard in “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz, and “Hung Up” by Madonna.

Another frustrating auto-correct is “Luke.”  I often times mis-type like and it automatically capitalizes this word and turns it into the top 10 most popular boys name of 2010.  I just picture my little iPhone’s brain churning and when I type luke, (the i and the u being right next to each other on the keyboard), it thinks “she def means Luke.”

Turns out, when you google auto-correction fail, you get some hilarious image results.  I also found a website called  Glorious. Enjoy:

Haha I could sincerely look at these all day.  So funny.

So lately, I’ve picked up an interest in the flash mob.  If you are unfamiliar, here is the wiki definition:

A flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.

I just hope that in my lifetime, I get to experience this glorious outburst of theatrical expression.  In fact, I might even organize one myself.  I just need to share my sweet moves, and the sweeter moves of my friends, with the world, in a public setting.

Here are some examples of some outrageous flash mobs.  Something to aspire to be like.

Love the Glee flash mob — where Arty can walk, and turns out is a great dancer!

This is probably the best one I’ve seen, even though it’s an advertisement.

This one is a little weird, it’s a pregnant lady flash mob.

Courtney, this one is for you:  A Michael Jackson flash mob.

ok ok one more. The one that sparked this whole idea in my head to begin with, the Modern Family flash mob.

If you were buried under 16 inches of snow this morning like PA, drive safe!  I’m not even leaving you with any music today because your internet is probably about ready to explode from all the videos.

until next time,

xoxo shu


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