Power Juicers, Meanies and Iron Men.

There is something plaguing my mood today:  Why are the people who work in the medical offices SO unbelievably, unnecessarily rude?  I received a call from a medical records “professional” today because my doctor’s office has split into three new offices.  So, we have to request our medical records be transferred to the doctor we’d like to stay with.  Keep in mind, SHE CALLED ME. 

First off, she called my doctor a “he.”  Way to generate stereo types about the medical profession, lady.  Doesn’t she watch Grey’s Anatomy?  Dr. Christina Yang is the best cardio thoracic surgeon on that show, and she is a lady!  Regardless of the fact that this show is 100% fiction, and at times, absolutely not realistic; let’s use it to prove our point.

Secondly, she got all sorts of snippy with me and then when I was legit mid-sentence, perhaps even mid-word, she put me on hold.  Here’s me:  “I did call them, they transferred me to your num”–JAZZ MUSIC. BOOM.  I was blown away.  All I can say is, wow, I guess I made the right choice sticking with my doctor instead of switching to Dr. RudeONthePHONEthinksALLdoctorsAREmenSHOULDhaveGONEtoMEDICALschool.

Don’t make me go all :

So a message to all you medial professionals out there: Cheer up!  I get it, customer service isn’t your thing, but stress causes heart attacks and wrinkles.  Take it down a notch and enjoy your day 🙂

Speaking of medical conditions, I was saddened to hear fitness guru Jack LaLanne passed away at the ripe age of 96.  I was even more saddened to hear of his creepy battle with junk food as a child.  Wikipedia had quotes from the famous fitness phenomenon claiming he had an addiction to sugar, which lead him to attempt suicide, attack his brother and be a flat our miserable child.  I say had because, I just went back to confirm details and the post has been replaced with:

“He had violent episodes directed against himself and others.”

Well, that’s a lot more politically correct than saying he was a cookie monster who tried to kill everyone.

Regardless, Jack had a great life.  He had a Hollywood star and was inducted into the California Hall of Fame by the Govenator himself.  A great asset to the fitness world; his family will be in our thoughts and prayers!

On a lighter note, if you haven’t used a “Magic Eraser” yet, please run to the store (don’t walk) and pick up a 4 pack of these glorious white, dirt defying, truly magical erasers.  I felt like I was in an infomercial when I used it.  Like a video of me using a regular sponge in a split screen would soon have a big red X thru it and some guy would tell you if ordered in the next 10 minutes, that he would double your order and throw in something else unnecessary that you don’t want or need. 

On a heavier note, if you’re looking for a good cry, please watch this video.  It is about Dick Hoyt and his amazing story.  This former military man has a disabled son named Rick.  Dick takes his son on marathon runs, a triathlon and even participated in the Iron Man competition.  To give you an idea of how crazy hard that is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and THEN after that, a marathon.  Talk about inspirational, Jesus.

Until next time, here are two songs I’m lovin’ today:

Maroon 5 — The Sun

Madonna – Open Your Heart

xoxo shu


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