I realized that my blogs were becoming a bit forced.  I love writing them and look forward to the comments left by my peers.  BUT.  Quality > Quantity, right?

So it’s been a few days.  I have really had some time to soak up my ridiculous surroundings and think it out.

For some reason FIVE ALIVE popped back into my head today.  I’m a notorious orange juice hater, so my parent’s got me good and disguised my daily vitamin C in the form of this delicious, suspiciously close to OJ, remix, Five Alive.  You like that run on sentence?  I couldn’t let it end.  I had my own tag line for this five fruit cocktail; “It keeps you five and it keeps you alive.”  I was only able to use this tagline for the short lived 365 days of 89′.

I’ve also discovered that smiley faces, exclaimation points, and “hahas” really allow you to be rude in emails, without being rude.  It’s really crazy how it softens the blow of  a harsh email.  Check out this example:

With no exclaimations or smiles:

Hey Jean, we noticed you have been sucking at your job pretty badly.  Please make sure you send all ppwrk over ASAP and let us know if you have any questions.



NOW….with the fluffers:

Hey Jean!! We noticed you have been sucking at your job pretty badly, haha 🙂 Please make sure you send all ppwrk over ASAP and let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks 🙂


It’s like saying mean things in jest, while smiling.

Anyway, today I’m in the studio with a local band called Murph.  Joel at Milkboy records is recording their album and they’ve decided to have their album artwork taken by the infamous Ashley Shuey.

Here are some pictures as I pretend to be a professional photographer for the day.  I dressed the part, and am snapping pictures like the paparazzi with hopes that a few turn out to the bands liking.

Derek, Johnny, Mike, Mark and Blayne

Tory in the studio

3D boobie book

Mike messing around on the piano

Milkboy Himself.

I love being in the studio.  It’s comfortable and there is a revolving door of talented musicians, things to be broken, pizza and coffee breaks.

I could use a few photography lessons from my godmother Diana, who takes beautiful portraits.  I can’t wait to get a better feel for the camera and have more luck with raw digital photos.

Until next time,

Broken Bells – The High Road

xoxo shu


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