Fame in all places

More or less, I really always figured I’d be a success.  Not in the conventional way, I just recognize that things just usually work out on my behalf.  Whether my future millions spring from the power ball jackpot, an sweet invention, or just plain hard work, I just see it happening.  Isn’t that all happiness really is?  Something to look forward to achieving?

I get that I’m 26 and my window for fabulosity is closing fast, there could still be big things are poppin’.   Judging by the celeb encounters I’ve had, (to be documented below), I’m well on my way.  Although I’ve been unable to convince any of these people to be my best friend, I have faith that one day I will say something cool to a celebrity instead of stuttering over my words like a star stuck pre-teen!

Anyway — Let’s just get these pics rollin’ Recognize this sparkly fellow?  It’s Brandon Flowers!  The American-hating, lead singer of the Killers!

This Scottish lad befriended us on a random side street of downtown Los Angeles.  We loved him all the same despite his poor color coordination.  Gerard Butler, thumbs up.

Just gotta have Seth Green at your family weddings!

May not recognize these dorks turned moderately famous, its the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Same day we met Lincoln Park and the guys from CKY!

Next up, MIKEY MOUSE haha — you’re jealous.

Here comes the big guy.  My most FAVORITE moment.  Sure he looks like a sweaty, vampire and yes he’s wearing wind pants.  BUT IT’S JOHN MAYER!!!!!!

Can’t forget about the Asbury Park Stone Pony meetings!  Jason Mraz and Maroon 5!  And yes I’m really wearing a trucker hat in these pics.  Consider me embarrassed and move on.

Oh yea, and I had dinner with that guy from Rent and once we ran into Michael Tolcher at the TLA.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. I’ll leave you with this.  A few beautiful images to go along with some beautifully written songs.

Incubus — I Miss You

Incubus — The Warmth

Incubus — 11am

xoxo shu


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