ROO aftermath

So I just realized that I started this blog to chat about the ROO, and it came and went and I never documented my experience!  People think Bonnaroo is a hot, stinky, drug infested, hippie festival in the middle of a muddy field in the middle of Tennessee, and welp, they’re right.  That’s exactly what it is.

Even the tickets are over the top.  Last year they came in the form of bobble heads, this year just large, space-like, confusing tickets.  We never really did find out the correlation of this theme, but whoever thought of it was probably high.

We drove 12+ hours from PA in a SUV packed to the limits.  We hung around in the Walmart parking lot until 4am when they started letting people onto the camp grounds.  Plagued with fatigue, we struggled to keep our eyes open to take in the surroundings.  We passed the bus area first — and BOOM, hit with hippy camping at its finest.

The picture below is from the Centeroo.  The wall is blank and they not only allow, but encourage you to take your artistic views/drug hallucinations and express them on the blank wall that surrounds the venue.

Here are some examples of how it started looking a few days down the line.

Here is the famous ARCH

Another thing I was completely NOT prepared for was the heat.  My god, you just constantly wanted to have a $7 lemonade.  They could have charged $15 bones and I still would have purchased a delish lemonade 3x a day.  Superfly productions, if you’re reading this, I totally wouldn’t.  Please don’t raise prices, we need the hippies to save their $7 for the showers.

The camp grounds had clever names…this one  ZOOLANDER reference?  Amazing.

As if to confuse the hippies more — each tent was named THIS or THAT or WHICH or WHAT

here is what I look like when I transform into a dirty hippie

Just gotta have a hula hoop and bring your parrot camping!

Just gotta remember to bring your own beer.

nothing better than a mushroom full of recycled water.  OH HI venereal disease.

All in all a crazy experience.  I’ll leave you with some of the artists we saw at the ROO!

Kings of Leon — Pyro

Dave Matthews Band — Stay

the xx — Crystalised

The Temper Trap — Fader

Phoenix — If I Ever Feel Better

Kings of Leon was the highlight of our trip.  We waited for two hours to get a good spot by the sound board.  They were amazing and the cool Tennessee air really was a nice break from the relelentless heat of the afternoon.  Best. Show. Ever.  Here was their set list including songs from the new album.

I know this is a super long entry BUT — I just feel like there is so much that I haven’t blogged about that is noteworthy.

First off — Tosh.O being my new favorite show has opened up a world of new hilarious videos that I might never have enjoyed.  I also have plans to make him by best friend with confidence.  If you are not a fan yet, get serious and tune in Tuesday 10p on Comedy Central for 22 full minutes of laughter.  FREE PLUG!

One of the videos that has stuck with me is the “Unforgivable” series.  Knowing that this is wildly inapprop, if you’re a child, my mom, or someone who frowns upon inappropriate behavior, please refrain from viewing.  I can’t even post the video on my blog because it has been flagged as inappropriate and you need a YOUTUBE log in to prove you are 18 years of age.  So, seriously Mom, don’t watch it.

One of my co-workers gave me this mug for Christmas.  Please tell me you have appreciated this as much as I have today.

thanks for reading!

xoxo shu


3 thoughts on “ROO aftermath

  1. There are so many things to say but this post is amazing! I felt like we lived through the Roo once through your amazing stories or wild video texts but this just let me relive it! Eventhough we talk everyday I really enjoy all your posts! Keep it up…Rolling Stone is looking for you 😉 Watch out! Much love – m.e.

    • yea I had probs finding out how to subscribe —That gray bar that runs across the top of the screen that has MY ACCOUNT, MY BLOG etc — its the way to your dashboard. You have to make sure you’re signed in to that and then there is a subscribe button — and just hit the arrow and hit subscribe. Then you can set it get email notifications when people post or actual emails with the post etc depending on your reading prefs!

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