Reality, Beards and iPhones.


First off, Verizon finally got the iPhone today.  It’s so “Apple” of them to release big news on a weird date.  I can just see them in their conference room discussing the highly anticipated release, and someone making a point to suggest a trendy release date.  Keep your job buddy, that’s brilliant.

So now all of those tech-savvy peeps who took the plunge to AT&T are left to decide if they will return to their original provider now that the option has presented itself.  I won’t lose sleep over it, but perhaps a couple dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

I realize how dorky this blog has just become, so I’m switching topics.

So I’ve lived in a few places in my day.  Maryland, Pennsylvania,  New Jersey, Upstate New York, and Los Angeles.  I know…very exodic.  And the more people I meet, the more I realize how much reality TV effects people’s impressions of each area of this country.

For instance the Jersey Shore.  WOW.  What a mark that has left on the Jersey I—talian population.  I obviously have a few fist pumping, hair spiking, tanned….distant cousins, but people who have never been to the East Coast might have a very skewed impression of reality.

Don’t get me wrong, that show is pure glory.  Just ranked the #1 show of ALL TIME on MTV, it clearly has its entertainment appeal. 

So in theory, a show like PORTLANDIA premiering on IFC on Jan 21st shouldn’t be used as a cultural impression of the town, right?  WRONG.  It’s dead on.  I’ve been to Portland, and in the short time I spent on the green streets by the rose garden, that town is full of straight hippies.  They all have light carbon foot prints, untamed beards, and an unnatural love for old books, lattes and musical instruments.

If you need a little sneak preview of this show, check out the link below.

That’s it for today!

Today I leave you with a song from Relient K that is more or less about a wasted life.  It’s a little intense, but dramatic!  It tells a very interesting story


Relient K — Deathbed

xoxo shu


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