Tom’s shoes are really Blake’s

I wanted to sway away from music for today and go with another interesting topic, shoes. I know what you’re thinking, but I am sure you’ll love this shoe company if you can get over the fact that shoes are…pretty ug.

If you haven’t seen the commercial for mastercard where TOMS shoes explains their motto, here is a quick synopsis of their mission statement:
One for One. For every pair of shoes you purchase, you are in turn purchasing a pair of shoes for a child in need.

Why pick shoes with all the other charitable needs such as water or straight cash? Soil based diseases can be easily prevented by providing foot wear to the children who often times cut their feet on a daily basis because they are shoe-less. More importantly, shoes are a required part of the school uniform, so children who don’t have shoes are not permitted to attend classes. Two birds with one shoe? I never realized that shoes could help further education in less fortunate countries, pretty cool! Basically, TOMS turns their customers into beneficiaries so there isn’t as much of a need for fundraising.

Founder’s name is actually Blake Mycoskie, an American who discovered the need for shoes in small towns while traveling in Argentina in 2006 (he was “traveling because he was on the show The Amazing Race with his sister.) Reasoning behind the name of the shoe company comes from the word “tomorrow.”
The design of the shoe is based on the Argentinian style of shoe called the “alpargata.” These are basic linen and canvas shoes with an array of fun colors/designs to choose from.

I can think of 100,000 different partnerships that would be so great for this product. Seeing as it’s a fairly new company, I’m sure they are working on expanding their brand. Musically, I think it would extremely beneficial to throw charity concerts, contests and summer tours. Not to mention partnerships with other “Green” charities, clothing lines, and they’ve already partnered with Ralph Lauren to design a few pairs of shoes sporting the POLO logo on the interior and with Element skateboards.

If you’d like to check out the website and do your part to “shoe” the less fortunate, here it is: for purchasing and more info about the company.
If you’d like to follow their blog its,

So I leave you with this blast from the past
Artist: Steve Winwood
Song: Higher Love

xoxo shu


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