Music Websites


Recently, I’ve stumbled upon some really great music websites that have changed the way I find new music from a day-to-day to basis.

This is more or less a music blog where thousands of people get to post in a centralized location. There isn’t really a rhyme or reason to the posts, just sort of a conscious stream of songs that you can listen to right on the website. I like this website because you can listen to people’s favorites and also read a blog entry on why it is that they love the song. There is also a lot of obscure music that you might not listen to unless it was streaming for free on a music blog.

If you are feeling less adventurous, there is always Pandora. Although at this point, I’m sure you’ve used it, made your playlists and contemplated paying the .99 to surpass the 40 hour limit, but what you don’t know is that Facebook is now linking your friends to your page. So before you “thumbs up,” that Hanson song, beware that your friends might see it, and stuff you in a locker NERD. is a good site for those “indie” music listeners. Allows you to see other people’s playlists and upload your own. A nice way to expand your musical tastes, but can get a bit overwhelming if you just want to sit and listen.

My latest obsession is
From what I’ve read it looks like they are running into a bit of legal trouble for their copyright infringement, but as long as the website stays up, I’ll be using it.
You can create playlists, follow other’s playlists and its all free! There is VIP upgrade option that costs about $3 dollars a month, which would allow you to have a few features that I’ve decided aren’t worth the $3 bucks yet. As soon as they offer an iPhone application for it, it will be game over. The Droid has one already. You can type in any artist and it not only pulls up every song you can imagine, but you can save these playlists. I can see where the record labels would be upset about this, because as soon as they allow the streaming on your phone/car, there would never be a reason to buy music ever again. There is a download feature that directs you to iTunes or Rhapsody if you’d like to keep the music. You can also upload your own music to share, so it will function in a similar capacity to iTunes, just on crack!

Anyway — if you haven’t visited the site yet, I would obviously recommend it!

Leave you with the song of the day for this rainy Tuesday and with summer just around the corner:

Enjoy it now before it’s played out and everyone hates it:

Artist: Katy Perry Feat Snoop Dogg
Song: California Gurls

xoxo shu


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