Modernly old fashioned

So today is a weird day for me.  I tend to me the kind of girl that looks to the good times in the past as much as I look forward to the good times to come.  Each phase that passes I consider to be the best yet.    And yes, I do consider myself lucky for having that outlook as a twenty something.

The reason why I feel stuck in this pre-adult limbo is basically because I reverted back to 1972 last night.

Three bottles of red wine, my Uncle Bill’s old records, and good friends that need hair cuts.  They say with all the digital enhancements made recently with music, people are accepting convenience over quality; something I’m guilty of myself.  There was no better way to spend a random Thursday night than enjoying music in its purest form!

Left me pondering this:  In 20 years, will I be sitting in my upstairs “listening room” blasting John Mayer?  Will I still have a flair for finding new bands? Or will I be the typical 50 something Mom stuck on past artists like Donna is to Madonna, Bonnie Rate and the La Bamba soundtrack. 

I already look back at some of the bands that I worshipped as a younger girl, and can’t stand to listen to them for anything more than nostalgic purposes.  Is MxPx a good band?  Definitely not.  But the memories associated with those songs?  The best.

My ultimate conclusion was, past or present, both have been good to me.  Got a little deep on ya there.

Time to retire for the day — I leave you with two songs for the day in light of the past:

James Taylor – Fire and Rain

Styx – Come Sail Away

xoxo shu


2 thoughts on “Modernly old fashioned

  1. Hey, Liked the blog. But I hope the Donna reference regarding Madonna was poetic license to make a point.. …she was 80’s and past the critical music formation years for me, lol. The Donna I know is pretty musically progressive, especially with your contributions/suggestions(and especially so, given my age).

    But I do frequently go back to the 60’s and 70’s music..not really for nostalgia but more because it was an incomparable era for music with few modern day exceptions. Just wander back and listen to Pink Floyd, Moody blues, Beatles, James Taylor(as I see you did), Carole King, Led Zepplin, Santana, The Byrds,The Eagles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young../and that is just to name a few. Many were the antithesis of apathy…so passionately involving the world around them in their songs ( and yeah, ok, a few just recording their drug induced trips).
    More frequently I listen to the newer music, and have to admit I seem to still have a thing for the Brits, along with the made in America groups.

    Unlike many peeps today, your musical taste isn’t stuck in one genre. That’s what I enjoy about my own music collection…eclectic…something for every mood and activity..Shouldn’t that be a musical rule?

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