Auto Correct This.

My godmom told me that the NPR did a piece on the auto-correct features of today’s smart phones.  I realized how many of my own errors have made me chuckle/really confused the recipient.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think text message/email communication has made business and keeping in touch way more efficient, but on a personal level, it’s really bad for relationships!  Think of how many times you’ve read over an email or text message and gotten furious, only to find that you misread the tone of the text completely?  Or gone back and forth with someone who is really short in their emails, but then when you get them on the phone, they are hilarious and very personable. 

I have an iPhone and I’d have to say, one auto-correct that cracks me up is “ducking.”  Sometimes people just need to drop an F bomb to let off some steam.  Or type it because Donna won’t let me use the word out loud (which I get, its crass and unnecessary.)  But apparently, the genius programmers at Apple don’t curse and think their phone users use the word  “ducking” way more often than “f-ing.”  I know I do.   Not really.  I actually had to look up the definition of ducking, because I wouldn’t know to use it in a sentence besides describing the act of moving out-of-the-way of a moving object, or making your way past a low ceiling without hitting your head.

Here is what Wikipedia had to offer:

Ducking is an effect commonly used in radio and pop music, especially dance music. It is an effect where the level of one signal is reduced by the presence of another signal, through the use of side chain compression.

If that didn’t make your head explode, this will:

It can also be used to achieve a “pumping” effect which can clearly be heard in “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz, and “Hung Up” by Madonna.

Another frustrating auto-correct is “Luke.”  I often times mis-type like and it automatically capitalizes this word and turns it into the top 10 most popular boys name of 2010.  I just picture my little iPhone’s brain churning and when I type luke, (the i and the u being right next to each other on the keyboard), it thinks “she def means Luke.”

Turns out, when you google auto-correction fail, you get some hilarious image results.  I also found a website called  Glorious. Enjoy:

Haha I could sincerely look at these all day.  So funny.

So lately, I’ve picked up an interest in the flash mob.  If you are unfamiliar, here is the wiki definition:

A flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.

I just hope that in my lifetime, I get to experience this glorious outburst of theatrical expression.  In fact, I might even organize one myself.  I just need to share my sweet moves, and the sweeter moves of my friends, with the world, in a public setting.

Here are some examples of some outrageous flash mobs.  Something to aspire to be like.

Love the Glee flash mob — where Arty can walk, and turns out is a great dancer!

This is probably the best one I’ve seen, even though it’s an advertisement.

This one is a little weird, it’s a pregnant lady flash mob.

Courtney, this one is for you:  A Michael Jackson flash mob.

ok ok one more. The one that sparked this whole idea in my head to begin with, the Modern Family flash mob.

If you were buried under 16 inches of snow this morning like PA, drive safe!  I’m not even leaving you with any music today because your internet is probably about ready to explode from all the videos.

until next time,

xoxo shu


Power Juicers, Meanies and Iron Men.

There is something plaguing my mood today:  Why are the people who work in the medical offices SO unbelievably, unnecessarily rude?  I received a call from a medical records “professional” today because my doctor’s office has split into three new offices.  So, we have to request our medical records be transferred to the doctor we’d like to stay with.  Keep in mind, SHE CALLED ME. 

First off, she called my doctor a “he.”  Way to generate stereo types about the medical profession, lady.  Doesn’t she watch Grey’s Anatomy?  Dr. Christina Yang is the best cardio thoracic surgeon on that show, and she is a lady!  Regardless of the fact that this show is 100% fiction, and at times, absolutely not realistic; let’s use it to prove our point.

Secondly, she got all sorts of snippy with me and then when I was legit mid-sentence, perhaps even mid-word, she put me on hold.  Here’s me:  “I did call them, they transferred me to your num”–JAZZ MUSIC. BOOM.  I was blown away.  All I can say is, wow, I guess I made the right choice sticking with my doctor instead of switching to Dr. RudeONthePHONEthinksALLdoctorsAREmenSHOULDhaveGONEtoMEDICALschool.

Don’t make me go all :

So a message to all you medial professionals out there: Cheer up!  I get it, customer service isn’t your thing, but stress causes heart attacks and wrinkles.  Take it down a notch and enjoy your day 🙂

Speaking of medical conditions, I was saddened to hear fitness guru Jack LaLanne passed away at the ripe age of 96.  I was even more saddened to hear of his creepy battle with junk food as a child.  Wikipedia had quotes from the famous fitness phenomenon claiming he had an addiction to sugar, which lead him to attempt suicide, attack his brother and be a flat our miserable child.  I say had because, I just went back to confirm details and the post has been replaced with:

“He had violent episodes directed against himself and others.”

Well, that’s a lot more politically correct than saying he was a cookie monster who tried to kill everyone.

Regardless, Jack had a great life.  He had a Hollywood star and was inducted into the California Hall of Fame by the Govenator himself.  A great asset to the fitness world; his family will be in our thoughts and prayers!

On a lighter note, if you haven’t used a “Magic Eraser” yet, please run to the store (don’t walk) and pick up a 4 pack of these glorious white, dirt defying, truly magical erasers.  I felt like I was in an infomercial when I used it.  Like a video of me using a regular sponge in a split screen would soon have a big red X thru it and some guy would tell you if ordered in the next 10 minutes, that he would double your order and throw in something else unnecessary that you don’t want or need. 

On a heavier note, if you’re looking for a good cry, please watch this video.  It is about Dick Hoyt and his amazing story.  This former military man has a disabled son named Rick.  Dick takes his son on marathon runs, a triathlon and even participated in the Iron Man competition.  To give you an idea of how crazy hard that is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and THEN after that, a marathon.  Talk about inspirational, Jesus.

Until next time, here are two songs I’m lovin’ today:

Maroon 5 — The Sun

Madonna – Open Your Heart

xoxo shu


I realized that my blogs were becoming a bit forced.  I love writing them and look forward to the comments left by my peers.  BUT.  Quality > Quantity, right?

So it’s been a few days.  I have really had some time to soak up my ridiculous surroundings and think it out.

For some reason FIVE ALIVE popped back into my head today.  I’m a notorious orange juice hater, so my parent’s got me good and disguised my daily vitamin C in the form of this delicious, suspiciously close to OJ, remix, Five Alive.  You like that run on sentence?  I couldn’t let it end.  I had my own tag line for this five fruit cocktail; “It keeps you five and it keeps you alive.”  I was only able to use this tagline for the short lived 365 days of 89′.

I’ve also discovered that smiley faces, exclaimation points, and “hahas” really allow you to be rude in emails, without being rude.  It’s really crazy how it softens the blow of  a harsh email.  Check out this example:

With no exclaimations or smiles:

Hey Jean, we noticed you have been sucking at your job pretty badly.  Please make sure you send all ppwrk over ASAP and let us know if you have any questions.



NOW….with the fluffers:

Hey Jean!! We noticed you have been sucking at your job pretty badly, haha 🙂 Please make sure you send all ppwrk over ASAP and let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks 🙂


It’s like saying mean things in jest, while smiling.

Anyway, today I’m in the studio with a local band called Murph.  Joel at Milkboy records is recording their album and they’ve decided to have their album artwork taken by the infamous Ashley Shuey.

Here are some pictures as I pretend to be a professional photographer for the day.  I dressed the part, and am snapping pictures like the paparazzi with hopes that a few turn out to the bands liking.

Derek, Johnny, Mike, Mark and Blayne

Tory in the studio

3D boobie book

Mike messing around on the piano

Milkboy Himself.

I love being in the studio.  It’s comfortable and there is a revolving door of talented musicians, things to be broken, pizza and coffee breaks.

I could use a few photography lessons from my godmother Diana, who takes beautiful portraits.  I can’t wait to get a better feel for the camera and have more luck with raw digital photos.

Until next time,

Broken Bells – The High Road

xoxo shu

US Weekly, Featuring Me.

I love US Weekly magazine.  And, well, celebrity gossip in its entirety. Their public humiliation and lack of privacy is really just part of their payment for being blessed with naturally high metabolisms, flawless skin and the ability to make millions, even if they are only moderately talented.

One of my favorite features is the “25 things you don’t know about ___.”  Sorta feels like a little intimate blurb into the lives of these A list people.  They got to sit and come up with 25 individual things that they find to be interesting about themselves, with hopes that it will act as a reminder to the public that they are in fact, human beings.

So every time I read them, I always think to myself, what 25 things would I write down given the opportunity to publish?

So here they are, 25 things you (may) not know about Ashley Shuey:

1.  I played volleyball year round from 7th grade all the way thru senior year of high school.

2.  I have been tasered before.

3.  I love planning, making lists, keeping an updated calendar. 

4.  I lived in LA for 5 months and interned at Capital Records and Atlantic Records.

5.  I once had an unfortunate addiction to farmville.

6. Tosh.O is my favorite TV show, and that’s saying a lot because I watch a TON of bad TV.  He’s tall, we’ll be married eventually.

7.  I would eat Welch’s Strawberry Fruit Snacks 10x a day if given the chance.

8.  I seriously want a mustache tattooed on my finger.  Seems like a good party trick/ice breaker.

9.  I love John Mayer, no matter how many horrible things he says in his Ambien induced interviews.

10.  Still convinced I will win the lottery eventually…soon….hopefully….definitely.

11.  I’m a terrible listener. 

12.  I am more scared to drive in the rain than the snow.

13.  I am TERRIFIED of bums.  I’ve been barked at by a bum, chased down the street by a bum, asked to be the personal assistant of a bum (and later realized a felon).

14.  Owls are my favorite animal/bird.

15.  I HATE Pork, Ham, Bacon and anything pig.

16.  I want to learn to speak French and play the piano.

17.  I’m an impulse shopper.  Last month, I ordered a bookmark with a finger that points to the last line read, a plant that you grow out of a can, and temporary finger tattoos.

18.  I have aspirations of becoming a greeting card writer because half the ones I read in the stores are not funny or too corny.  We get it, getting older is something you should make fun of people about, but gimme a new approach Shoebox.

19. I’m a big time layer-er.  I usually have on roughly 2-4 layers at any given time dependant upon the season.

20.  I appreciate and love all four seasons of the year.

21.  I am a complete hypochondriac.  I was convinced I had spinal meningitis in college.


23.  I hate the number 23.

24.  I enjoy impersonating people and I’ve very observant of people’s mannerisms.

25.  I’m the biggest exaggerator in all of the entire universe and beyond.

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

Anyway, I am having a pretty standard week, but I’m realizing my lack of patience for the lazy and/or unintelligent has grown to new heights.

I was at ULTA yesterday treating myself to a new curling iron and some Bare Escetuals powder.  I got to the counter and the girl told me my total was $41.50.  I handed her $50 and she started to dig thru her drawer for my change.  I handed her .50 cents and said, “I have .50, just give me the extra dollar.” 

The look on her face, was pure devastation.  You would have thought I kicked her in the kidney or something.  She was completely clueless on how to proceed until the slightly more intelligent cashier next to her helped her out.  I mean……I thought four quarters = a dollar was a pretty common, widely known fact, but apparently not.

Worst part.  As I walked away, I heard her ask the other girl if her drawer would be short now because of this baffling exchange.  I found myself to be really mad at this girl.  Really mad that someone employeed her.  And really mad that her elementary school education was failing her. 

Feeling superior in intellect, I stolled over to Subway to grab a sandwich.  The doofy man in front of me ordered a turkey sandwich on, and I quote, “let me get that HERB bread.”  But he pronounced the “H.”  Say it outloud. HHHHHHERB bread.

Long story stort, if there were a 26th item to recall about myself, it would be a lack of patience of the less brainy folk.  And if you’re asking yourself this: “Ashley’s probably never wrong, right?”  The answer is, you’re correct.  I am never wrong.

So I leave you with this, the sweetest of jams from SIA for your Thursday evening.

Sia — Soon We Will Be Found

Sia — Clap Your Hands (We Are Born)

xoxo shu

My Generation

Lately, I’ve been dipping into past eras with my choice of entertainment.  Musically, I’ve reverted back to records as discussed in past entries.  TV wise, I’ve started watching Mad Men, which takes place in the 1960’s.  All of it has really made me feel like decades of the past were way more interesting than the one we are living in.

Start with the 1930’s and The Great Depression.  I guess that can be categorized as “interesting.”  That first big recession pulled all trust out from under major corporations and banks.  However, the sale of envelopes went up, because people were stuffing their life savings into them and taping them to the under side of the dining room tables.

Not to mention the introduction of the first color sound cartoon and ..umm… HELLO the RADIO!   What you’re telling me is before this, people did what for music? Hired a bum or a creepy uncle to come in and play the violin?  Like I said, we really missed out.

Although WWII technically started in 1939, the brunt of the war took place during the first half of the 1940’s. They also snuck a little NATO defense alliance establishment in there.  But this is supposed to be why past decades are INTERESTING, so I’ll mention that this was a huge year for cool inventions.

The Microwave

A Stairs best friend, The Slinky!

Frisbees!  This was a shocker, I thought for sure the hippies invented these.

TUPPERWARE!!  Showing middle-aged house wives how to really party.

Not to mention VELCO and JEEPS!

Come….on….. That is a seriously impressive 10 years.

1950’s are way more lack luster.  PSYCH!  During this decade, they discovered the inner workings of DNA which now fuels every episode of Law & Order SVU.  They also invented ultrasounds and NASA was formed!

Not to mention the king himself emerged as the scandalous heart throb of the generation.  The original king, not the one that used his daughter as a beard (RIP love you MJ)


Pop culture started to play a more prominent role in the average American’s life.

Marilyn Monroe brought the Happy Birthday song to a whole new level.  Elizabeth Taylor became a fashion icon, and made Egyptian queens most envied for their lavish jewelry. And James Dean ….well James Dean is hot.

The 1960’s, another doozie.


The Beatles!

We even faked making it to the moon to piss off the Russians!  Yea look at that flag a’ wavin’

The birth control pill was approved by the FDA and doctors performed the first ever heart transplant!!!

And one music festival will forever live in infamy.  The three day Bethel NY music festival of 1969, WOODSTOCK!

Top that 1970’s….

THE HIPPIES!  They took over the world and spread love, peace, and aids.  Politically, this was a crazy decade.  Between the Watergate scandal, the Munich Massacre, and the invention of floppy disks, and apparently narcotics, the people of America didn’t stand a chance!  Also invented in the 70’s are VCRs, which really weren’t replaced until the 90’s, so way to go Charles P. Ginsburg.

The 1980’s are a bit of a sore subject for most.  Everyone went crazy and started dressing like this:

Things that came to be in the 80’s included:

my little ponies


A sad decade for music as we bid an all to early farewell to John Lennon assassinated in 1980, and Bob Marley to skin cancer in 1981.

So I got to thinking yesterday about my generation.  What inventions and advancements have set my lifetime apart from everyone else’s. Our parents were the infamous baby boomers. They grew up as hippies, the introduction to free will.  But when we look back on our childhood, adolescence and adulthood, what will stand out and be the pinnacle of each decade?

From the top of my head, our generation screams technology.  I started with a Paula Abdul tape that I won on the boardwalk (that I wasn’t able to listen to right away because it was called “shut up and dance” and that proved to be too scandalous for an 8 year old), and now have moved on to MP3’s and an iTunes/iPod driven lifestyle!  Music coming from thin air and/or wireless moving from one place to another.  Baffling.

Also just packed up my Little Monsters, Aladdin, and Annie VHS tapes.  Mainly because I don’t have anywhere to play them anymore.  Now we’ve moved on to DVD’s and Blue Ray players.

Among other things, we’ve been alive for the introduction of digital photography, smart phones, Lasik eye surgery, the internet (not a big deal), Facebook, HD and 3D TV, Electronic books, oh yea, and our first black president.

So after much thought, I suppose this is quite an interesting point on the time line of the US to grow up within.  And yes I did skip the 1990’s on purpose.  The best part of that decade is back, and its plaid flannel.  Let’s leave it at that.

This blog entry really felt like a school paper, but I’ll treat you to this jam for all generations.

The Who – My Generation

xoxo shu

Fresh Skills, New Astrological Signs and Things You’re Thinking But Won’t Say.

Today I received a HILARIOUS chain email with a few little witty jokes.  Normally, I delete chain emails because I rarely find them entertaining, but this one was an exception!  For the purpose of keeping this blog worth reading, I deleted the crappy ones.  I bet you are wondering what they were though, huh?

*** Adult Truths ***

1. I think part of a best friend’s job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.

2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

3. I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger.

4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.

5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

6. Was learning cursive really necessary?

7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.

9. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least kind of tired.

10. Bad decisions make good stories.

11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren’t going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don’t want to have to restart my collection…again.

13. I’m always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page technical report that I swear I did not make any changes to.

14. I keep some people’s phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.

15 is gone.

16. I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Miller Lite than Kay.   (this post should consider itself lucky that I didnt delete it because I happen to find Kay Jewelers tagline very witty and inventive)

17. I wish Google Maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” routing option.

18. not funnnnnnny.

19. How many times is it appropriate to say “What?” before you just nod and smile because you still didn’t hear or understand a word they said?

20. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!

21. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.

22. Sometimes I’ll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is.

23. seeeeeeya

24. The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.


Big thanks to mamma elle for sending those to me!  Really I’ll do anything to entertain myself for the “lull” hour.  2-4p… the worst. You’re sleepy from lunch and you just had the false sense of freedom for an hour.  430p you start to panic a little because you realize there was actually a lot of stuff to be done and you were too busy…..blogging?

Anyway, I’m sure everyone has heard about this new astrological sign.  Ophiuchus.

This guy looks like a badass.


January 20- to February 16

February 16 to March 11

March 11 to April 18.

April 18 to May 13

May 13 to June 21.

June 21 to July 20

July 20 to August 10

August 10 to September 16

September 16 to October 30

October 30 to November 23

November 23 to November 29

November 29 to December 17

December 17 to January 20

This really opens the flood gates for tattoo regret.  Oohhhh wow, you’re a Cancer now.  I’m sure that Lion’s head could be transformed really easily though.

And why is this just coming out now?  Is it because the world is ending in 2012 anyway, so they just want to lighten up the media topics?  Can’t find any fault in that.  Who wants to hear about dead black birds falling out of the sky, rising gas prices and the risks of childhood obesity.

Who really knows if all the astrological stuff really makes any sense?  I sorta feel like people blame their bad traits on their “sign” as if that’s an acceptable excuse.  Oh wow, I’m being a total b*tch, that’s just the Virgo in me!  Oh wow, you’re right, I am judging you, I’m such a Gemini!

Well guess what?  It’s not the stars that happen to be in the sky the day you are born that effect your personality, it’s how great of a job your parents did raising you mixed with how much money you have.  So relax everyone, life will go on.

But now that I’m a Leo, I can get away with being a little more self centered….so….posted below are some of my creations from cake and pottery class.  ME ME ME.

OK FINE, that last picture is not of me, it’s the Cake Boss, but you get the idea.

I’ll leave you with some songs about stars!

Stars – Elevator Love Letter

Everclear – Pale Green Stars

Paris Hilton – Stars are Blind

Jack Johnson – Stars in Heaven

xoxo shu

Fame in all places

More or less, I really always figured I’d be a success.  Not in the conventional way, I just recognize that things just usually work out on my behalf.  Whether my future millions spring from the power ball jackpot, an sweet invention, or just plain hard work, I just see it happening.  Isn’t that all happiness really is?  Something to look forward to achieving?

I get that I’m 26 and my window for fabulosity is closing fast, there could still be big things are poppin’.   Judging by the celeb encounters I’ve had, (to be documented below), I’m well on my way.  Although I’ve been unable to convince any of these people to be my best friend, I have faith that one day I will say something cool to a celebrity instead of stuttering over my words like a star stuck pre-teen!

Anyway — Let’s just get these pics rollin’ Recognize this sparkly fellow?  It’s Brandon Flowers!  The American-hating, lead singer of the Killers!

This Scottish lad befriended us on a random side street of downtown Los Angeles.  We loved him all the same despite his poor color coordination.  Gerard Butler, thumbs up.

Just gotta have Seth Green at your family weddings!

May not recognize these dorks turned moderately famous, its the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Same day we met Lincoln Park and the guys from CKY!

Next up, MIKEY MOUSE haha — you’re jealous.

Here comes the big guy.  My most FAVORITE moment.  Sure he looks like a sweaty, vampire and yes he’s wearing wind pants.  BUT IT’S JOHN MAYER!!!!!!

Can’t forget about the Asbury Park Stone Pony meetings!  Jason Mraz and Maroon 5!  And yes I’m really wearing a trucker hat in these pics.  Consider me embarrassed and move on.

Oh yea, and I had dinner with that guy from Rent and once we ran into Michael Tolcher at the TLA.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. I’ll leave you with this.  A few beautiful images to go along with some beautifully written songs.

Incubus — I Miss You

Incubus — The Warmth

Incubus — 11am

xoxo shu

ROO aftermath

So I just realized that I started this blog to chat about the ROO, and it came and went and I never documented my experience!  People think Bonnaroo is a hot, stinky, drug infested, hippie festival in the middle of a muddy field in the middle of Tennessee, and welp, they’re right.  That’s exactly what it is.

Even the tickets are over the top.  Last year they came in the form of bobble heads, this year just large, space-like, confusing tickets.  We never really did find out the correlation of this theme, but whoever thought of it was probably high.

We drove 12+ hours from PA in a SUV packed to the limits.  We hung around in the Walmart parking lot until 4am when they started letting people onto the camp grounds.  Plagued with fatigue, we struggled to keep our eyes open to take in the surroundings.  We passed the bus area first — and BOOM, hit with hippy camping at its finest.

The picture below is from the Centeroo.  The wall is blank and they not only allow, but encourage you to take your artistic views/drug hallucinations and express them on the blank wall that surrounds the venue.

Here are some examples of how it started looking a few days down the line.

Here is the famous ARCH

Another thing I was completely NOT prepared for was the heat.  My god, you just constantly wanted to have a $7 lemonade.  They could have charged $15 bones and I still would have purchased a delish lemonade 3x a day.  Superfly productions, if you’re reading this, I totally wouldn’t.  Please don’t raise prices, we need the hippies to save their $7 for the showers.

The camp grounds had clever names…this one  ZOOLANDER reference?  Amazing.

As if to confuse the hippies more — each tent was named THIS or THAT or WHICH or WHAT

here is what I look like when I transform into a dirty hippie

Just gotta have a hula hoop and bring your parrot camping!

Just gotta remember to bring your own beer.

nothing better than a mushroom full of recycled water.  OH HI venereal disease.

All in all a crazy experience.  I’ll leave you with some of the artists we saw at the ROO!

Kings of Leon — Pyro

Dave Matthews Band — Stay

the xx — Crystalised

The Temper Trap — Fader

Phoenix — If I Ever Feel Better

Kings of Leon was the highlight of our trip.  We waited for two hours to get a good spot by the sound board.  They were amazing and the cool Tennessee air really was a nice break from the relelentless heat of the afternoon.  Best. Show. Ever.  Here was their set list including songs from the new album.

I know this is a super long entry BUT — I just feel like there is so much that I haven’t blogged about that is noteworthy.

First off — Tosh.O being my new favorite show has opened up a world of new hilarious videos that I might never have enjoyed.  I also have plans to make him by best friend with confidence.  If you are not a fan yet, get serious and tune in Tuesday 10p on Comedy Central for 22 full minutes of laughter.  FREE PLUG!

One of the videos that has stuck with me is the “Unforgivable” series.  Knowing that this is wildly inapprop, if you’re a child, my mom, or someone who frowns upon inappropriate behavior, please refrain from viewing.  I can’t even post the video on my blog because it has been flagged as inappropriate and you need a YOUTUBE log in to prove you are 18 years of age.  So, seriously Mom, don’t watch it.

One of my co-workers gave me this mug for Christmas.  Please tell me you have appreciated this as much as I have today.

thanks for reading!

xoxo shu

Reality, Beards and iPhones.


First off, Verizon finally got the iPhone today.  It’s so “Apple” of them to release big news on a weird date.  I can just see them in their conference room discussing the highly anticipated release, and someone making a point to suggest a trendy release date.  Keep your job buddy, that’s brilliant.

So now all of those tech-savvy peeps who took the plunge to AT&T are left to decide if they will return to their original provider now that the option has presented itself.  I won’t lose sleep over it, but perhaps a couple dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

I realize how dorky this blog has just become, so I’m switching topics.

So I’ve lived in a few places in my day.  Maryland, Pennsylvania,  New Jersey, Upstate New York, and Los Angeles.  I know…very exodic.  And the more people I meet, the more I realize how much reality TV effects people’s impressions of each area of this country.

For instance the Jersey Shore.  WOW.  What a mark that has left on the Jersey I—talian population.  I obviously have a few fist pumping, hair spiking, tanned….distant cousins, but people who have never been to the East Coast might have a very skewed impression of reality.

Don’t get me wrong, that show is pure glory.  Just ranked the #1 show of ALL TIME on MTV, it clearly has its entertainment appeal. 

So in theory, a show like PORTLANDIA premiering on IFC on Jan 21st shouldn’t be used as a cultural impression of the town, right?  WRONG.  It’s dead on.  I’ve been to Portland, and in the short time I spent on the green streets by the rose garden, that town is full of straight hippies.  They all have light carbon foot prints, untamed beards, and an unnatural love for old books, lattes and musical instruments.

If you need a little sneak preview of this show, check out the link below.

That’s it for today!

Today I leave you with a song from Relient K that is more or less about a wasted life.  It’s a little intense, but dramatic!  It tells a very interesting story


Relient K — Deathbed

xoxo shu


So I got to thinking this morning about under-rated bands.  Guster was the first band that popped into my head.  I feel like they have a lot of street cred, but as far as world wide popularity, not so much.

They have all the elements of a great band.  Slow jams that make you feel sentimental, breakup songs that help you cry it out, and faster songs that make you sing along.

From the looks of their website — it doesn’t appear that they venture outside of their California comfort zone very often, but in case you are in the area, tour dates are available by clicking on the link below.

So I leave you with some of their tunes to keep you connected.

Guster – Demons  Sentimental

Guster – Barrel of a Gun  The catchy song that almost put them at slightly famous

Guster – I Spy  The breakup song

xoxo shu